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What Really Happened to America?



By Darrell Morgan

What happened to America? I mean - what REALLY happened? I know we all speculate and have things we don't like. There was a time, not too long ago, that America was a different place to live than it is today.

I remember as a boy at the beginning of each school day we all stood to pledge allegiance to our country's flag before school started and that was followed by the principle leading us all in prayer.

When America was in a crisis everyone prayed from the White House to the Church House. Do you remember in the movie, Apollo 13, when the crew in the space craft got into trouble? The call came, "Houston, we have a problem." They were in trouble. Whatever happened...Houston, Texas, could not go up there and fix it. So what did they do? America gathered together and prayed and asked the Lord for help. End of story - they did the impossible and came home. Praise God!!

Mankind, as God created him in the garden of Eden, was never designed to govern himself. We were never created to live apart from a relationship with our creator. Now that is a very powerful statement. In Genesis we see that Adam walked with God. As we read on we see that Enoch walked with God, Noah walked with God, as well as Abraham, Moses and the prophets from David all the way up to Jesus.

Every successful man who has lived and changed the world for God "walked with God", even in our times - Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King, and the list goes on. As we study early American history, we see that the founders, not only walked with God, but they used the Bible as a textbook in school and wrote the Constitution out of it.

Jesus said in John 15:4-5 that we are to abide in Him and that without Him we can do nothing. As we look around the earth today we can see that man cannot govern himself without God - for all attempts have become colossal failures.

Is there hope for America? Yes, there is, but it will not be found in the White House or the court house. The only hope to be found is when this great nation returns to the church house and seeks God with all its heart (Jeremiah 29:11).

We asked God to leave our government, our schools and our personal lives, as well. And today they are a mess. If we are to ever see America great again we will have to start with one heart at a time.

If you are reading this and your life is so messed up you cannot see a way out, take the above scripture to heart. He can and will turn it around - if you will turn back to Him with all your heart.

God Bless America!!

Darrell Morgan is the Senior Pastor at The Word of Life Church in Apopka



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