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What is your perspective?


The question might well be asked; just what is perspective?

Well, at least from an artist’s viewpoint, perspective is a way of looking at things, the way you
see, or observe, almost any phenomenon. 

As an example, a battleship at sea, if that ship lies a mere mile offshore and you are standing on the beach, that ship will appear very large; but, if on the other hand, the ship is ten miles out at sea it will appear small.  That is one way of viewing perspective.

Or, say your vehicle breaks down in the middle of a railroad crossing, and far in the distance is a freight train.  The freight train is tiny in the distance.  The freight train is traveling toward you at a very high rate of speed.  Understanding that due to the fact that the freight train is far in the distance you reason that you have plenty of time to remove your vehicle from danger, but this is probably faulty reasoning due to (1) the relentless speed of the train, plus (2) mass of said train.  And, (3) stupidity on your part for disregarding said train’s very loud whistle which is getting louder by the second.  This is an example of how perspective can change in a heartbeat.

As another example of perspective take this stuff we call life.

When you were a child life seemed to crawl along sooo slowly, but as time passes it seems to accelerate!  Does time actually accelerate?  Or is this another example of perspective?

Here I am approaching ninety years old, and I am convinced that this stuff that we call time is an illusion, and if not an illusion, a mind dazzler, only to be genuinely understood in the perspective of eternity.

There was a time that my focus, my intent, was to live my life as fast and with as much exhilaration, excitement and zest, as I could possibly muster, but now…?

In the musical, Showboat, there is that timeless verse in the song, Old Man River that proclaims, laments if you will, the singer's frustration as he sang, “I am tired of livin’, but ‘scared of dyin’  But ol man river, he jes’ keeps rollin’ along. 

Oh sure, we are reluctant to die and journey into the unknown, but why?  Because this is what we know!  That again is perspective.

Please, O Holy friend, dear Papa God, hold our hand and guide us.  Let us see you in the light of Joy and holiness and genuine love of your person.  Sustain each of us, and reveal to us your perfect and sweet will.  Amen


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  • Well Chaz, Long ago I heard an explanation of why things go so slowly when you are a child and so much more quickly when you are older, it's like this, A three year old waiting for Christmas is waiting for 1/3 of his entire life, A five year old for 1/5 of his entire life! As we age, the percentage increases and at 60, we wait 1/60 of our life a much, much smaller interval! So in perspective time does move much more quickly as we grow older!

    Thursday, January 13 Report this

  • Charles

    And that does make a lot of sense. We might wish it were not so, but that is the way the apple fallsLike it or not we are trapped in a time continuum that we can accept or reject, either was, it is what it is, which doesn't help one whit does it, Chaz

    Wednesday, January 19 Report this