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Faith and Inspiration

A wished-for thing?


So often, we go through life wishing for what is already ours!

Wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which one gets full first.

I wish I could stop eating so many jelly beans.

I wish I could stop eating so many 'black' jelly beans.

I wish I could give up all my bad habits.

I wish I could lose fifty pounds.

I wish I were taller.

I wish I were shorter.

I wish I were rich.

I wish I were younger.

I wish I were older.

I wish I were smarter.

I wish I were popular.

I wish I could fly like a bird.

I wish I were more patient.

I wish...

Why is it that most of us are always living in a state of discontent when we, out of a population of seven billion people, are each as unique as snowflakes or fingerprints in our own right?

It took me a long time to accept the fact that I am a work in progress.

I, like most of us, have gone through the “wishing” stages of life, but now my discontent has changed to acceptance, and life is sweet, especially now that I have learned to trust in our loving God more than ineffectual and fruitless wishes!

Charles Towne, Faith, Inspiration, Wishing


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