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What are Reusable Ice Cubes and how to use them


By Allen Brown

We live in a world that too often feels more focused on consuming than conserving. In exchange for convenience, we have boxes piling up, plastic spoons and forks lining our trash cans, and plastic filling up our oceans. On top of that, we're using massive amounts of resources like water with reckless abandon. It’s about time that we use a different philosophy when it comes to everyday consumption.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

It’s been a mantra ever since we were kids. Let’s employ this in all the different ways we can. One interesting way you can is with reusable ice cubes. It may seem small, but things like that create a big impact down the line. Here we’ll explore all the cool uses for reusable ice cubes, as well as the implications of using such an amazing product.

Keep the Flavor

Ice is the enemy of flavor. No matter what we do, the satisfaction of having ice in anything only lasts for about two minutes. After that, a once delicious beverage slowly turns into what tastes like bathwater. Take Coca-Cola. It might not be the healthiest drink, but it is on the top 10 most delicious drinks. We've all enjoyed going to the movie theater... but when taking a sip of that beverage 30 minutes after, it's just gross. With the reusable cubes, that won't be a problem. All of the flavors are maintained throughout the experience drinking it. It’s not going to dilute, it’s not going to get mysteriously lighter, and it’s not going to taste weird. This is the upfront, and the primary reason to use it. With reusable ice cubes, we can even chill a warm beer without having to give up any sort of flavoring. That alone is quite amazing.


Conserve Water

Aside from not watering down any of our beverages, we can conserve water. This is not just an initiative for the environmentally conscious, this is a community decision as well. Florida is just one of many places that has faced drought over numerous seasons. Being able to conserve water, we can lessen the stress on the community system for that service. Ice seems very little, but everything helps. Also, our bills will go down. Again, the water bill might not be much, but on a hot day, when the air conditioners are running, don't we all want to save money somewhere? Why not water consumption?

Teaching Kids

Reusable ice cubes are perfect for learning institutions. If there's a room full of kids in kindergarten, teaching basic environmentalism and conservationism is an important tool for our future against global warming. We need to educate individuals as early as possible on the importance of caring for the earth. The lesson of recycling and reusing can be taught with the use of reusable ice cubes. Ice cubes are so common in households across the world that reusable ones stick out as a novelty. This, naturally, will capture the attention of young people. They will ask the all so important question: “why?“ This opportunity to teach and spark curiosity in the realm of conservatism is priceless. That makes a huge impact in the future.

Prevent Contamination

Not many of us are aware of what grows in our freezer. Some interesting and wild things are lurking just behind the frozen veggies in our own homes. One of the most common diseases in the world is caused by a bacteria called Listeria. Listeria is found most often in raw meat. As much as things in our freezer are well frozen, it takes a while for the entire slab of meat to freeze. This is enough time for Listeria to proliferate. Once it hits a freezing temperature, the spread will stop. The thing is, freezing won’t kill listeria. Depending on where we put our ice cubes, we could be placing freshwater, from an unclean ice tray, next to particles containing disease-causing bacteria. The amount of bacteria it takes to cause this disease is relatively low and exposure can eventually lead to illness. With reusable ice cubes, we can clean them, disinfect the container, and place them far away. It significantly reduces the possibility of infection, by having a continually cleaned source of beverage chilling like reusable ice cubes.

As we can see, there are many uses and upsides to reusable ice cubes. And there are all types of styles: metal ones, stone ones, even brightly colored plastic ones. As simple as they are, they carry an important connotation in terms of environmental consciousness, and they’re perfect for reducing potential infection. Most importantly of course, when we use them they won’t dilute a tasty beverage.


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