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Top Ways to Work on Improving Your Scoliosis


How do you improve your scoliosis? In simple terms, the scoliosis condition affects the spine, making it move sideways, and causing it to become weak and painful for the patient. It also can change one's way of walking and doing other normal duties. There are two favorites in helping to treat this condition: exercises and surgery, with many specialists favoring exercises and stretching over the latter. This article will discuss some of the exercises and stretches you can do to improve this condition, as follows:

Pelvic Tilts

You can do pelvic tilts at home to help in relieving scoliosis pain. This exercise will help to stretch the tighter muscles and works to strengthen your lower back and hips. To perform this exercise effectively, you will need to lie on your back while your feet are on the floor with the knees bent. You will then need to tighten your stomach muscles and flatten your back on the floor. Breathe normally and hold the position for five seconds, then release. You can do two sets of ten per day to get some improvements on your lower back and spine.

Practicing Good Posture

Not standing or sitting well can cause muscle tension and increase pain in your back. How do you practice keeping a good posture? A therapist from proinversiontherapy.com says that you can realign your body and improve your scoliosis condition by having a good posture. The following are ways to have the right posture when standing:

  • Dropping your shoulders down and back
  • Positioning your ears over your shoulders
  • Tucking your chin in to avoid it moving forward or far down
  • Drawing your stomach slightly in
  • Unlocking your knees

When sitting, experts recommend keeping your back straight and maintaining your ears over the shoulders. Legs should also stray in a neutral position and must not be crossed. All these processes can help you tune in to your body, looking for tension signs, and help you avoid straining the muscles. If you feel pain when doing an exercise or standing, don't force it and ease back out of it. Try again, going slowly, and not as far. [Use products for correcting posture to help your back and make it easier to maintain good sitting posture.] Do consult a physician if you have any concerns or if the pain continues.

Abdominal Press

It would be best if you always practiced having strong abdominal muscles. These muscles support your back muscles. Strong abdominal muscles will also help you maintain the right body posture. How do you have strong abdominal muscles? You can do so through the abdominal press.

First, lie flat on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Keep your back in a natural position. Do not insert any pressure. Raise your legs from the floor until you create a 90 degree position. You can then use your hands to push on the knees while making the knees resist the push. Try as much to keep the legs and hands from moving while pressing. You then hold the position for three breaths before relaxing. Do the exercises in two sets of ten.


Bird-dog is another key exercise you can do to help with scoliosis. It is a Yoga-inspired exercise, which doesn't take much space or too much time. To perform bird-dog effectively:

  • Position your hand and your knees with your back in a straight line.
  • Place the hands directly under the shoulders while your knees are under the hips.
  • Extend an arm straight forward, with the opposite leg straight backward.
  • Stay still while breathing normally and hold the same position for five seconds.
  • Repeat the process with the other arm with its opposite leg, and repeat this sequence ten to fifteen times.

Other than helping you relieve pain from scoliosis, the method helps you burn fat and strengthen the body muscles.

Arm and Leg Raises Exercises

You have probably heard about these exercises since they are often featured in general body fitness exercises. These exercises can really help in strengthening your lower back muscles, helping improve scoliosis. To perform leg raises effectively, you will have to lie straight, your forehead on the ground. Extend your arms forward with the palms on the floor. Ensure the legs are straight too. Start by raising an arm and leg off the ground, then hold for two or three breaths before releasing it to the ground. Ensure your legs remain straight even on lifting. Do the same to the other arm and leg and repeat the process. You can do as many as fifteen raises on each arm and leg or when you feel you can't do anymore. Continue increasing the count as the body adapts. This process will work on your lower back muscles greatly, improving the condition.

Other exercises you can practice to improve your scoliosis include the cat-camel exercise, latissimus dorsi stretch, and many others you can find with a little research. This will greatly reduce back and hip pain, and help your body to keep in the right posture.


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