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TOP 4 Places to Put a Spy Camera at Home


A wireless spy camera can improve your home’s security, help you keep an eye on the kids or check up on babysitters and repairmen. But like with any other technology, its effectiveness comes down to how you use it.

With spy cameras, finding the right placement is key. So, where should you place your cameras? Which areas should you avoid? Most importantly, which mistakes should you avoid?

Mistakes to avoid when placing a spy camera

Before we discuss the placement of your cameras, let’s talk about some important mistakes to avoid when placing a portable spy camera.

Using a low-quality camera

Whether you’re using your camera for security purposes or monitoring children and visitors, choosing a high-quality camera with a high resolution is important. The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture. A 4K HDMI PTZ camera, for example, will be able to clearly capture a thief breaking into your home. If the camera has a lower resolution, faces may be blurry or not clear enough for identification.

Placing cameras in paths of direct sunlight

If your camera is pointed directly at the sun, it can cause a glare and high contrast, making it difficult to see what’s really going on.

Depending on the orientation of your home, it may be difficult to avoid the sun. It may be best to place the camera higher up and pointed downward in these situations.

Not protecting outdoor cameras from the elements

When placing your security cameras outdoors, it’s essential to protect them from the elements. Most cameras have some degree of weatherproofing, but if you want to protect your investment, take extra steps to safeguard them from the elements.

  •         Look for cameras that are rated for your climate.
  •         Place cameras under eaves or other protected areas whenever possible.
  •         If necessary, invest in weatherproof housing for your cameras.

Now that you understand what mistakes to avoid, let’s take a closer look at the best places to put your cameras.

Where to put a home security camera

It’s impractical and unethical to monitor every inch of your home, so it’s important to be strategic about where you place your cameras.

Ideally, you should be monitoring areas where thieves are most likely to pass through. Here are some of the best spots to place a spy camera for home monitoring.

1. Ground level windows and doors

Thieves have to get in and out of your home somehow. Ground-level doors and windows are the most obvious routes, so make sure your cameras can monitor these areas both inside and outside.

2. Common areas

Cameras should also be placed in rooms where your family gathers, like the living room and kitchen. If someone breaks into your home, they will likely pass through these areas.

Placing cameras in common areas also allows you to keep an eye on kids, babysitters, pets and even repairmen.

3. Rooms where you store valuables

Place cameras wherever you store your valuables, whether it’s a bedroom, spare room, basement or other room. Valuables will be an obvious target, and well-placed cameras can help you keep an eye on them.

4. Main hallway or stairway

If a thief breaks in through a bathroom window or other unmonitored area, a camera in the main hallway or stairway may catch them in the act.

Areas to avoid installing a spy camera

When planning your camera placement, there are certain areas of the home that you should avoid. These include:

Bedrooms and bathrooms

Cameras should never be placed in areas that violate your family’s privacy. If you want to monitor children, keep an eye on elderly family members or improve security in these areas, consider alternatives, such as:

  •         Baby monitors
  •         Glass break sensors
  •         Motion detectors
  •         Medical alert systems

Any locations that invade your neighbor’s privacy

Avoid placing your cameras in locations that violate a neighbor’s privacy. Different states have different laws regarding cameras and privacy, so check your local laws first.

Homeowners are generally allowed to capture public-facing property in the background. However, cameras should never be placed in areas that would allow you to see inside your neighbors’ bedrooms or bathrooms.

Privacy laws can be complex, so make sure that you understand where you can and can’t legally place your cameras.

Final thoughts

Spy cameras have many uses in and around your home, but to maximize their benefits, you need to install them in the right places. Use these tips to monitor the most targeted areas of your home without violating the privacy of others.

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