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Faith and Inspiration

What is love?


“We are the children of children and live as we have been shown”

--Joe versus the Volcano

When you fall in love with another and that person inexplicably, unexplainably becomes ill, do you love them any less, or perhaps not at all?  If that is the case, perhaps, just perhaps, mind you; you never loved them at all?

My lady, my sweetheart, my wife, my friend, and my love became ill with Alzheimer’s disease. I witnessed the downward, out-of-control, spiraling progression of this insidious and macabre disease as it sought to destroy what we held so dear.

My wife has a son from a previous marriage. He and his wife have three beautiful children.

Time passes, children grow up, and I wonder what these children have been told about their grandmother. 

Her son told me that his mother was the best mother in the world, but then, when she became sick, they chose to exclude her from their lives because she was an embarrassment to them.

How can that be?

The Bible tells us to honor our parents. In fact, this is a conditional promise if we want long life; so, I wonder, how does our Holy God look upon the abandonment of ill parents by their children?

I try to visit my darling on a daily basis for three reasons.   

One, because I love her. 

Two, because she counts on me to be there. 

And three, because my presence holds the nursing home staff accountable for her care.

Dear God, I thank you for this precious soul!  I love her so very much. Please bless and protect her and help me be there for her.  In Jesus’ name, I ask it, Amen.

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