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The Best Places to Live in Florida


By George Hyland

Not only is real estate booming in Florida, but there are many reasons that make the sunshine state amazing! Let’s look at a few places that are great for investment.


Here is the capital of fun, a place where adults, young people and children come to its great parks such as the Walt Disney World Resort or the wonderful Universal Orlando Resort center. The cost of living is very affordable given that this is becoming the place of greatest tourist attraction. Unemployment rates are one of the lowest in the country and with an excellent transportation system.

Many also believe that the best area to live within the Orlando area is Winter Garden, since it is an area with a great influence of foreigners due to its excellent quality of life, attractive prices and wonderful schools.


Tampa Bay is one of the urban places on the coast, full of tourist offers, museums, beaches, cultural centers and amusement parks. The cost of a home has increased, but you can find homes for $101,000 still, and it is one of the best places to live in Florida.


Melbourne is a beautiful city located in Brevard County, noted for being one of the best places to live in Florida for its quality of schools, beaches, fishing, snorkeling and outdoor activities. With an annual salary of $49,000, you could have a house for around $199,000.

There are many places in Florida that are secure. But in Melbourne, with its quality schools and excellent location, the homes here are very popular for those who wish to settle in the state.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a coastal city that is very close to Miami and charming. Some have noted the similarity to Venice, because it has several rivers that cut and shape the city, and the waters there are super blue-green and clear. The city is popular with Miami residents as well as tourists, and many areas are luxurious, with huge mansions and elegant neighborhoods. With a view of Fort Lauderdale mansions, you can hit the beach, walk the palm-lined boardwalk, and enjoy a bit of the shoreline, especially for those looking for a place a little less hectic than Miami. Be sure to go to Las Boulevard, one of the coastal roads that is very charming, full of restaurants, shops and commerce. You can have a wonderful time here!


Naples is a beach that looks a lot like Miami, but is smaller and quieter. It is located on the Gulf of Mexico, so its waters are very blue and super clear, reminiscent of the Caribbean. The city offers good shopping centers, golf courses, some luxury condominiums, and several very beautiful beaches.

If you want to go shopping, visit Fifth Avenue South, an avenue lined with brand name stores, art galleries, restaurants, cafes, hotels and more. The beaches near this region of the city tend to be much more crowded, so if you want more calm, look for the beaches in the southern part of Naples. The city's Botanical Garden is also a good option for a walk, if you don't like the beach so much.

Which city is better to live in: Orlando or Tampa?

We are constantly asked this, and our answer is simply to know the taste of each person. If you would always love to be in Orlando, it is because you want to live in a place full of amusement parks and living life to the limit. While, if you love the urban area with beautiful beaches next to it, then you will love Tampa. Choosing the best city to live in between Orlando or Tampa will depend on your tastes.

Which city in Florida has the cheapest rent?

Tarpon springs

Tarpon Springs is a coastal city, ideal for sun lovers and home to the National Register of Historic Places for its antique district, its relaxed pace of life and its brick streets. With an average rental rate of $929, it ranks as one of the cheapest rentals in the state of Florida.


Being the state capital and seat of state government, it is only four hours north of Orlando. Here is the home of Florida State University with an average rental rate of $939.

Lake city

This is the city with the cheapest rent, given that its average costs are $601. This is a great city for renters and is one of the quietest cities in the state with convenient access to Jacksonville, Gainesville and Tallahassee.

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