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The Apopka Chief responds to criticism from Historical Society



During the November 1st Apopka City Council meeting, several members of the Apopka Area Concerned Citizens Council (AACCC), and other Apopka residents used the public comments period to express their displeasure over the Apopka Historical Society's decision to not re-stock the book “The Pennings of Perrine Slim: Stories of Northwest Orange County Florida”.

On Friday, November 3rd, The Apopka Chief published an account of the meeting, which included a description of the public comments, as well as a response by Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer defending the Apopka Historical Society's actions.

On Sunday Cheryl Kilsheimer, President of the Apopka Historical Society, emailed a statement to The Apopka Voice in response to the allegations and to The Apopka Chief's article. The statement is endorsed by the vast majority of the Apopka Historical Society Board, and their names are listed at the end of the response.

On Tuesday, The Apopka Chief Managing Editor John Perry sent this response to The Apopka Voice in reference to the statement made by Apopka Historical Society President Cheryl Kilsheimer:

“In an online opinion piece that stated it was written by Cheryl Kilsheimer, wife of Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer, and was reviewed and endorsed by eight members of the Apopka Historical Society Board dated Sunday, November 5, on The Apopka Voice website, The Apopka Chief was criticized for its Friday, November 3, story about the Wednesday, November 1, meeting of the Apopka City Council.

In the story, we printed statements of the criticisms of Mrs. Kilsheimer from people who spoke during the public comment period, and what those people said were her actions while acting in her role as president of the Apopka Historical Society. Also during the meeting, Mayor Kilsheimer defended what was said about Mrs. Kilsheimer and we printed his statements as well.

The Apopka Chief’s story was about what happened at the City Council meeting – nothing more and nothing less. We have been covering City Council meetings in this manner for many years. These meetings are open to the public, and anyone could have attended the meeting and spoken if so desired.

For those who are interested in what was said at the meeting, the audio from that City Council meeting is available online at http://bit.ly/2hLhPmg. The portion concerning this issue is under the Public Comment tab on the left side of the page.”

Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of The Apopka Chief, and do not necessarily reflect the position of The Apopka Voice.

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