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Sprucing Up Your Bathroom: Some Of The Best Ways To Do It


When it comes to your home, there are two rooms that can often be seen as the big jobs for any renovations, and also the most costly; the kitchen and the bathroom. The bathroom especially can lead you into a false sense of security. As often one of the smallest spaces in your home, it may cause you to think, how can it be expensive to make over? But it is the added fittings, the bathroom suite and the additional decor that can jump the price up. However, if you are wanting to simply spruce up the bathroom for right now, then here are some suggestions to help you do it.

Changing the faucets

One of the things you could do would be to consider changing the faucets. The taps and shower fittings can be modernized, even if your bathroom sink and bath suite remains the same. You could ensure that you have the right repair parts for the job, and pick something a little different than the original fixtures you had. [Consider the ease of a b-262 dispenser to help modernize.] This could make a big improvement without the big investment of replacing the whole bathroom suite.

Painting old tiles

Many bathrooms are fitted with tiles. But to remove and replace them can be an expensive and labor intensive job, so you may want to consider other options. You could think about painting them instead. This enables you to create something different, and perhaps using a brighter color or going for white may even brighten up the bathroom and make it feel brand new.

Replacing the floor

The next thing you could think about doing would be to replace the floor. As it is a big surface level like the walls are, it could make an older bathroom feel and look new. You could choose a tile that would give it an opulent finish, a wood flooring, or even choose some stick on tile vinyl options that could be a great way to make changes more easily and frequently. There is so much to choose from, but just ensure that the flooring fitted is water resistant or durable for a bathroom.

A new light fitting

Maybe you want to make light your feature, and choosing a new light fitting, with LED bulbs that are much brighter could help your bathroom appear larger and more cleaner than a warmer bulb glow could do. You may want to choose something modern, or even consider something more extravagant to give the bathroom a more elegant feel. On the subject of light, why not use more natural light. Open blinds, or place films on windows so that you can have them open rather than blinds drawn for privacy. It could make a big difference.

Adding different accessories and colors

Finally, changing the accessories may sound like a small thing to do, but it could make an impact on how your bathroom looks. It is easy to change a color scheme simply by buying new towels. Adding a few different decorative items can also make it feel new.

Let’s hope these ideas have inspired you to make over your bathroom.

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