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Sport betting in Texas: Is it legal?


Texas is among the few substantial market states to legalize sports betting. With a plethora of sports teams and a few large towns, regulated sports betting would undoubtedly help Texas.

Although there has been considerable back and forth discussion recently, nothing much has come close to passing in the senate-house. Regrettably, the only option to gamble while in Texas is through offshore sports betting sites.

If the Lone Star state wants to authorize and start allowing companies in, they'll have to move swiftly. Texas entering the sports betting industry in 2021 appears to be a massive gamble at this stage.

Texas Sports Betting Measures

 You may be asking, is sports betting legal in Texas? There are presently and have been, for quite some time, a few measures circulating among Texas state legislators. With most states in desperate need of cash, a handful has resorted to sports betting as a revenue generator.

Texas doesn't appear to be short on cash, and the state is now dealing with more pressing challenges. This may result in a delay in the payment of sports betting bills. TX SJR39 is a measure that would legalize sports betting in the state.

A few bills to legalize sports gambling have also been introduced, although this will not benefit anybody in the state. The state attempted to allow sports betting in 2019, but they overturned the law within a few months.

If legislators want to take on the folks who gamble in Texas, they'll have to act swiftly.

Timeline for Sports Betting Regulation

 2019 – Following the lifting of the nationwide prohibition, Texas introduced legislation to authorize sports betting in the state. The bill, however, did not make it out of the House of Representatives.

 2020 – The state did not introduce any sports betting legislation in 2020.

Texas may see some action in 2021, as three sports betting laws are now in the works for that year. In February, the state introduced a bill proposing the establishment of sports betting. It would also permit professional sports teams to operate sportsbooks.

Texas's Best and Worst Possible Scenario

The best possible outcome is that Texas jumps ahead of the game this year and legalized sports betting well before the April cutoff. That would give the state months to work out all of the legislation and specifics that are necessary.

The significant aspects, including taxation and operator charges, the number of operators in the state, how to interact with college teams, and venues if they go that way, must all be worked out before placing bets.

Now that the deadline is approaching, the worst-case possibility remains: the bill fails, and Texans will have to endure a year to have an opportunity of seeing a law proposal again.

Because no law has come close to getting in the state of Texas, pessimism about sports betting is at an all-time peak. Vast amounts of money in revenue are still lost to the state.

Markets and Sports Teams in Texas

Texas is a significant sports gambling territory. States like New York, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have embraced authorized sports betting and casinos, while Texas has remained stalled.

Commercial sports betting would be significant given the many state's marketplaces. They might enable professional sports stadiums to function as sportsbooks, resulting in a slew of new sportsbooks opening in Texas.


 Dallas is the largest city in Texas and is home to three major sports teams. The Mavericks, Cowboys, and Stars are all from Dallas. All three have been incredibly competitive in recent times, and the marketplace for betting visitors is likewise significant.

Cowboys Stadium has become a popular destination. Cowboys Stadium, along with the Stars and Mavericks, would undoubtedly benefit if the latest law authorizing professional sports stadiums to offer commercial sports betting succeeds. You also have SMU in Dallas, as Texas has a plethora of collegiate athletics in big cities.

The Texas Rangers are based in Arlington, Texas, from just outside of Dallas. They have recently completed a spectacular stadium built in the interest of resuming their hot streak. FC Dallas is also based in Frisco, which is slightly outside of the city. Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks owner, has endorsed sports betting, and he is one of the most potent franchise owners in the NBA.


 Houston is another important name in the sports betting marketplace, as it is home to three professional clubs. Houston is home to the Astros, Rockets, and Texans. In the past few years, the Houston Astros have been a force in the American League. In contrast, the Houston Rockets have transitioned on from its star player, James Harden.

The Texans have been underperforming, and it will be interesting to watch if Deshaun Watson follows Harden's lead and departs Houston. The University of Houston and Rice, both recognized for developing outstanding football players, are two universities in the area.

The Houston Dynamo is an MLS franchise based in Houston.

San Antonio

San Antonio Spurs: Despite not having many professional sports teams, San Antonio is home to one of the most renowned NBA teams. Although the San Antonio Spurs are in the midst of a rebuilding process, Spurs fans have mostly seen postseason basketball for the past several decades.

The University of Texas has a facility here as well. However, it is not the primary institution. San Antonio also boasts a semi-professional soccer team and has been pursuing a Major League Soccer franchise.


With its breathtaking surroundings and bustling nightlife, Austin is becoming one of the most renowned cities in the world. As they are becoming a bit of a transplanted city, the food and music draw a large number of people.

Folks from all over the world will be attending. When it comes to sports, that involves fans from all across the globe. If you live in Austin, Saturdays are made to watch Texas Longhorn football. The city's major campus is located here, and the city's MLS team, FC Austin, was just announced.

Betting on College Sports

The NCAA, as well as how the state chooses to engage with college sports betting, will be among the alternatives available to the state. Most states do not allow live wagering on college athletics, and this is something that would have to be governed in some way.

Texas would most likely follow the path taken by the majority of the states. Texas is unlikely to outlaw all collegiate sports betting, but how they perceive in-state colleges is crucial. Some states have made it illegal to bet on in-state colleges, while others have made it legal to bet on anything outside of the state.

With such a vast collegiate sports pool in Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, and Baylor have massive fan bases. Here, there is a sizable marketplace. This does not include the Texas Longhorns or the lesser colleges. Texas would prohibit live college sports betting in an ideal world while allowing all other activities to continue as usual.

Offshore Sportsbooks

At present, Texas citizens can only gamble through foreign bookmakers like Bovada. Many Americans have used offshore accounts in the previous decade because sports betting has been prohibited in the United States for the most part.

These sportsbooks come with a disclaimer that they are not bound to pay out financial accounts or wins under any circumstances. While this is a rare occurrence, authorized and local sportsbooks do not carry the same risk.


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