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Six Amazing Gift Ideas For Men


Gifts are an incredibly important part of any relationship. Not only are they a powerful token of your affection for the people that mean the most to you, but also a great symbol of understanding their wants and needs. And the right gift can bring so much joy and appreciation from the person receiving the gift.

Whether it be a romantic partner, a family member, a close friend or even a colleague, finding and choosing the right gift for them is almost as important as the gesture itself. But each person has their own specific and individual needs; a gift you’d get for your husband or wife will be completely different from the gift you’d get for a coworker. The same also applies to the type of person they are. While many gifts are universal and can be appreciated by all, there are some gifts that appeal from one type of person to the next. Men and women will appreciate different things.

While some may think the men in our lives are simple creatures and will be satisfied with almost anything, for many, many men, this is not the case and you can find it can get quite complicated. While there are some trusted favorites (a pair of socks, a new shirt, etc), to show the men our lives that we really care about them and give them something they’re as excited about opening as we are about giving them, why not push the boat out a little bit. Whether it be a birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, an anniversary or any other celebration for dad, husband, boyfriend, friend, brother, or son there’s a great gift out there for him.

But to get the ball rolling here are some jaw-dropping gift ideas to bowl him over. While we’ve got some classics in there hopefully you’ll find something personalized to suit his particular needs. It’s important to consider what kind of guy he is. Does he like ending a long hard day with his feet up and a beer in hand? Will you mostly find him with his iron out on the green? Is he a budding home-cook or does he secretly like to be pampered with a bit of R&R? I’m sure whoever he may be, you will find something useful here.

A Beer Subscription Box

It’s no secret that some men love their beer, and you can often find him talking at length about the latest in the world of obscure craft beers and unconventional IPA’s. If he’s a beer man then there is no better present for him than a one-month or even a monthly beer subscription. Like with any monthly subscription he’ll receive a box full of the most interesting, weird and wacky beers from around the globe for him to try and enjoy. And with so many to choose from now you won’t have any trouble finding the one that suits him. [If a beer subscription is out of the budget right now, a one-time boozy gift basket also works. You can get a beer sampler gift basket for your guy, so he can try different types, from commercial beers to craft and artisan brews. He’ll be thrilled to receive your gift!]

Master-Class all-access pass

He loves to cook, but has he ever cooked with Gordon Ramsay? Or maybe he’s into interior design or has a nose for wine. Well, now there’s a way he can learn from some of the best and most celebrated and recognised in almost any given field with just a few clicks of a button. Whether it’s a class or an annual subscription, he’ll be thanking you and showing off all of his new skills taught to him by the world’s foremost experts in engaging and interesting lessons that will give him an even greater appreciation for his passions and hobbies.

A luxury watch

Nothing makes a man feel more confident and sophisticated than a great timepiece. It’s a statement and the mark of a man. Watches come in all shapes and sizes, styles and designs. Does he want a leather strap or a chain strap? Silver or gold? Quartz, mechanical or automatic? There are so many watches out there it might be hard to find the right one for him. But once you find the perfect watch he’ll never want to take it off, something that can be worn on all occasions. That’s why taking some time to find out what he likes and what he wants out of his timepiece. If it’s luxury he wants then there’s so much to choose from in the ultimate Rolex collection, or perhaps go for a diver’s watch or an aviator's watch. As we said there is so much to choose from. [If you think that's overwhelming, you can visit a watch and jewelry store like this one in Arizona. The professionals who work in places like this can help you a lot in making the right decision.]

Pour-over coffee set

Does your man love a hot cup of joe? Can he not get enough of the stuff? Is it the only thing he needs to help him get up in the morning or relax during the day? Well, it might be time for him to ditch the instant coffee and start brewing his favorite drink himself. And nowadays it’s never been simpler. A pour-over coffee set takes the simple act of making a cup of coffee and turns it into an artisanal experience. There’s no better feeling of accomplishment than grinding the beans yourself and pouring the water yourself. And his taste buds will thank you too; he’ll never want another coffee again. You can find fairly affordable sets all very stylish and a great talking point in anyone’s kitchen.

A personalized chef’s knife

Take his cooking obsession to the next level with his very own personalised chefs knife. You can’t call yourself a home-cook unless you’ve got a proper chef's knife. It will be the only tool he’ll ever need in the kitchen. Use it to dice, chop, slice, julienne with ease; they’re so sharp they can cut through almost anything. You can find beautiful and bespoke chef knives with wooden grips and all kinds of personalized engravings. Why not go the extra mile and get him the holy trinity, including a serrated edge knife and a paring knife.

Spa Day

Maybe he just needs a little bit of pampering. He might have a hard exterior but he’s probably a big softy inside. And why shouldn’t he be able to enjoy some R&R, he deserves it. He may be a little hesitant at first but watch as all his complaints melt away once he's got some essential oils on him

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