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Simple Ways to Improve Your Office Environment


By Allen Brown

Companies rarely take the office environment into account, which can affect their employees’ productivity and induce stress. Since they are spending more than 6 to 8 hours in the office, it is a company's responsibility to improve the environment they are working in. This will enhance concentration, boost productivity, and reduce stress.

Companies have also reported a boost in teamwork when employees were introduced to a positive work atmosphere. In turn, it affects the organization’s success. As the company’s owner, the last thing you want is your employees feeling sluggish or unhappy in the work environment you have provided them. Not only does it impact their mental health but also affects the company’s success. Here are some simple ways to improve your office environment and boost productivity.

Reorganize the Space

The easiest and most effective way to improve the office environment is by decluttering the space and reorganizing it. This will enhance circulation and make the space look cleaner. Messy desks are the number one enemy to employees’ productivity and mood. Searching for important documents in a huge pile will not only waste their time but cause frustration. Start by reorganizing the space and sorting the storage. Invest in some storage shelves to keep your documents organized and make the space clutter-free. Make sure that your employees’ desks are reorganized as well. Encourage them to minimize clutter on their desks by introducing a system.

Change the Lighting

The type of lighting used in a space can make or break its overall look. When it comes to interior designing and revamping spaces, you should divert your attention to the type of lighting and illumination used. Prioritize the need for natural lighting within the office. Keep the windows open and bring in as much natural light as possible. If your windows are not wide enough, consider getting wider openings when revamping your office. Since natural light is known to boost employees’ energy and productivity, it can be an effective way to enhance positivity. For artificial lighting, use illumination that avoids drowsiness in employees.

Rearrange or Replace Existing Furniture

The design and comfort level of your office furniture plays a major role in determining the look and feel of the interior space. Rearrange existing furniture to make more space or replace it with new pieces for more comfort. Today, you can find ergonomic designer furniture that is specifically designed for offices. Australia has some amazing interior designers who can instantly revamp any office "fitout" as per the client’s needs. Professional office fitouts in Sydney follow the concept of customizing employees’ work desks depending on their preference. When revamping the office, you can consult your employees to understand their needs and customize their workspace. While some may need a better chair, others may prefer some colorful accessories on their desk.

Add Plants

Another simple yet effective way to enhance your office environment is by adding plants to introduce a touch of freshness. It adds character and a pop of color to the interior spaces as well. If possible, find air purifying plants that can clean the stale and impure air in your office by absorbing contaminants and making it suitable to breathe.

Since plants need a lot of care and maintenance, choose the ones that are low-maintenance and do not need much attention. Potted plants are the best option among all as they can be instantly added to any space and are low in maintenance. If possible, get tiny plants or succulents for every employee’s desk. This is a tiny change that can make a major difference.

Use Scents

A nice-smelling space can do wonders for your productivity and mood. Using scents can lower stress levels in employees and make them feel happier. Use a diffuser with essential oils to keep your office fresh and aromatic. Certain types of essential oils such as jasmine, citrus, and lavender can stimulate brain activity. You can also add fresh flowers with the plants to add some color, texture, and scent to the office space.

Introduce Flexibility

A positive work environment is not just about introducing new furniture or decluttering the space; it also has to do with the level of flexibility provided by the employer. Introduce flexibility to improve employee satisfaction and give them a chance to balance work and personal life. Provide a few free hours over the week. Unless your employees are unable to get the work done, allowing some sort of flexibility is highly recommended.

Use these simple tips to improve your office environment and keep your employees content. After all, employee satisfaction is key to the company’s growth and success. Since most of these ways are simple and inexpensive to execute, you can instantly start making changes without waiting to change your budget.


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