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Room Rentals: Ideal for Students Wanting Flexibility


It can be a confusing time when you are a student, often living in a new city or state, going through a considerable period of change that is almost impossible to prepare for. This is why many students are looking to rent a room, giving them extra flexibility at a time when things can quickly change. This article will examine why students should consider renting a room, the advantages, and some general tips.

Why rent a room?

There are many different housing options for students looking to rent a room, and while multiple factors will affect the final decision, many choose to rent a room because of the added convince. Whether you are looking for co living apartments as a final-year student wanting to concentrate and get over the finish line or a newbie freshman, you have many options. 

One of the main reasons to rent a room as a student is because it's far more cost-effective than renting an entire apartment or home, especially in busy areas with more students living there than homes. You will pay a share of the bills and only pay for your room, not having to pay to heat an entire home with just you living there. You will also save on furniture and general ongoing costs shared by tenants. 

Renting a room is also a great way to make new friends, which is especially important for those living in an unfamiliar state or city. While your housemates may not become your ‘BFFs,’ you can meet people in a similar situation as yourself and build relationships that should last a long time. This will help you settle into the area and help you begin to feel at home, though this won't happen overnight. 

You will also have much more flexibility when renting a single room. If you move during the academic year, you will likely have more options, with it being easier to advertise your room than an entire apartment. While finding the right person to take over your lease can still take time, it is far easier to find a person looking for a smaller space because of the lower cost and ease of moving in and out. 

Advantages of renting a room

As well as the top-line benefits listed above, here are some of the main advantages of living in a rented room, going beyond the core benefits of lower costs and increased flexibility. 

More desirable locations

If you decide to live in a rented room in either a house or an apartment, you should be able to live in a far more excellent area than you would have been able to live in if you were renting an entire place. While you may still pay more than usual for a room in a great area, it'll still be more economical than a whole apartment in even a less-than-great part of town. 

Shared responsibility

When you live with others, you can share the burden of living without your parents. Moving away from home can shock many students that they suddenly have to do everything by themselves, from arranging bills to making dinners. By living with others, you can designate chores and have a fixed rota to know who's doing what and when they should do it. 

Greater privacy

As opposed to living in a dorm where you might be living with others, a private room is a great way to ensure you have the privacy you need as a young adult. While flexibility is a clear benefit and why many students rent their rooms, privacy is a close second. Having your personal space can be a lifesaver, especially if you're new to the area or have some exams to study for. 

Key considerations when renting a room

If you are interested in renting a room, for whatever reason, there are some things you should be aware of if you want to be a good flatmate and have the best possible experience. 

Do your research

It is always a bright idea to read up on the area and see what amenities are close-by. While the lower costs associated with a rented room free up transportation funds, ideally, you want to be close to the action, especially as a student. So, before you rush into any decisions, have a read online and make sure that it is right for you, paying attention to the people you might be living with and which college they go to. 

Meet your flatmates

Once you have moved in, try to get to know your flatmates, as you will likely spend a lot of time with or around them, and it's better for everybody if you get along. If you find that they haven't made an effort to reach out to you, you might have to take the first step – they might not feel confident after relocating to a new city or state. A simple gesture of offering them dinner if you are cooking will go a long way in building a relationship. 

Be considerate 

As you will quickly begin to understand, people have quirks and habits that might seem strange to others, and being aware of them will make life much easier. If you find that a person prefers to do something at a particular time or keep an item in a specific cupboard or drawer, remember this the next time you ask them to do something or are putting away your groceries. By being considerate, you'll have a much easier time settling in and making friends. 

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