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The Apopka Voice Readers Poll

Readers want investment in amenities, infrastructure and quality of life in budget


A municipal budget guides a city's spending for the coming year. It is a fiscal roadmap for a municipality, and it can tell you a lot about the leaders who enact it. 

But what's important to you in the Apopka budget?

Assuming that all essential services are met, staffing needs in all departments are adequate, and reserves in the general fund are at the recommended level, what would you like to see the City Council use its remaining budget income to do? 

In The Apopka Voice Readers Poll, the response was decisive. They favor investment in amenities, infrastructure, and quality of life for its residents.

The final vote from 128 respondents:

  • Lower taxes and bolster the general fund reserves beyond the recommended level. - 29 votes (23%)
  • Invest in amenities, infrastructure, and quality of life for its residents. - 99 votes (77%)

Jeff Tyre, who commented on The Apopka Voice Facebook page, believes Apopka's determination to have the lowest millage rate in the area may have contributed to shortages in other areas of the budget. The millage rate debate is the fifth question in The Apopka Voice Reader's Poll. To vote in the poll, go here.

"You should preface this question that the city has the lowest millage rate in Orange County among any other municipalities," said Tyre. "Having that distinction year after year has taken a toll on infrastructure and staffing shortages now. It will take years to improve the quality of those things if we continue to go down that road."

Much has been debated and written about budget management, reserves, and investment this year. In the 2022 election, it could be one of the core issues that determine the winners of the mayoral and city commission races. 

To read an editorial from The Apopka Voice on the subject, go here.

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