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OCPS Superintendent: "We cannot ignore this trajectory [of COVID-19] that could impact our ability to keep schools open"


From Staff Reports

Orange County Public Schools Superintendent Barbara Jenkins released a statement explaining the criteria that led her and the school board to mandate the use of face masks.

"On August 24th, the School Board provided direction to me to mandate face masks for students while inside OCPS buildings and buses," she said. "This preventative face mask mandate will be in place until October 30th. I have also extended the mandate for our employees and adults on our property and in our vehicles. It is an additional safety measure to limit the significant spread of COVID-19 in our schools and community."

In total, there are 3,589 positive cases in the school district — 670 employees, 2,903 students, and 16 vendors and visitors. There are also 1,866 active quarantines.

"We simply cannot ignore this trajectory that could impact our ability to keep schools open," Jenkins said. "I understand that everyone is not pleased with this 60-day mandate, but I want to ask parents and other adults to help keep our students calm during these trying times. I am asking that you please keep our school environments peaceful. I realize that the debate will continue among the adults, but we want to continue to provide quality education for each of our 200,000 students. We are depending on the entire community to help us lead our students through a successful school year."

Jenkins also said that 15,643 employees qualified for our $200 COVID-19 vaccination incentive. That’s 64% of OCPS employees.

"Remember, anybody in the community above 12 years of age is eligible for the vaccine," she said. "If you need information regarding sites, including schools where vaccines and testing are available, check our website. Finally, I ask those of you who would, please join us in praying for the safety of our students and employees, and for the recovery of our entire community. Together, I know we will get through this pandemic."

In Apopka, there are 406 positive cases of COVID reported; 362 are students, and 44 are employees. There are 314 in quarantine; 313 are students and 1 is an employee.

In Orange County, there are 3,589 positive cases of COVID reported; 2,903 are students, 670 are employees, and 16 are vendors or visitors. There are 1,866 in quarantine; 1,857 are students, and 9 are employees.

COVID statistics at Apopka Schools through August 25th

Apopka Elementary: 30 confirmed cases - 1 employee, 29 students

Clay Springs Elementary: 30 confirmed cases - 4 employees, 26 students, and 24 students in quarantine

Dream Lake Elementary: 23 confirmed cases - 4 employees, 19 students

Lakeville Elementary: 13 confirmed cases - 2 employees, 11 students

Lovell Elementary: 17 confirmed cases - 2 employees, 15 students

Phillis Wheatley Elementary: 7 confirmed cases - 7 students

Rock Springs Elementary: 18 confirmed cases - 1 employee, 17 students

Wolf Lake Elementary: 41 confirmed cases - 4 employees, 37 students, and 42 students in quarantine

Apopka Memorial Middle: 38 confirmed cases - 3 employees, 35 students

Piedmont Lakes Middle: 36 confirmed cases - 4 employees, 32 students, and 32 students in quarantine

Wolf Lake Middle: 32 confirmed cases - 7 employees, 25 students. 201 in quarantine - 1 employee, and 201 students

Apopka High: 79 confirmed cases - 9 employees, 70 students, and 45 students in quarantine

Wekiva High: 42 confirmed cases - 3 employees, 39 students, and 1 student in quarantine

The COVID-19 dashboard for the Orange County Public School District


The OCPS COVID-19 dashboard for public schools in Apopka


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