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Mayor Kilsheimer: "We created more than 1,000 jobs in the projects we approved"


Decision Apopka 2018: The race for Mayor

At last night's City Council meeting, Mayor Joe Kilsheimer announced his candidacy for re-election to a second term as mayor of Apopka.

"I'll close the Mayor's Report by ending a lot of speculation. It seems the campaign season is upon us. I had a person tell me they heard I wasn't running for mayor. So I'm going to announce tonight that I am going to be a candidate for re-election next year. We'll all look forward to seeing what happens in the coming months."

The Apopka Voice asked Mayor Kilsheimer to tell Apopka voters why he wants to be re-elected. He sent this statement:

Mayor Joe Kilsheimer: In his own words

Mayor Joe Kilsheimer

Since I took office in 2014, here are the positive changes that have taken place in Apopka:

We have created more than 1,000 new jobs in the projects we have approved such as Florida Hospital, Qorvo, the Northwest Distribution Center, Tractor Supply, Raynor Shine and others.

We have brought in more than $1.5 million in federal and state grants. With these grant funds, we will this year: 1) Rebuild the community center at Alonzo Williams Park; 2) Rebuild Lake Avenue Park; Install new playground equipment at Kit Land Nelson Park; 4) Hire 10 police officers instead of the five we originally budgeted for and 5) Equip our fire department with more training and safety gear.

We have signed a development deal for a new City Center project that will anchor the revitalization of downtown Apopka.

We have struck an innovative deal for the construction of a new interchange on S.R. 414 at Marden Road. This will not only improve access to the new hospital but will create new opportunities for investment and jobs for Apopka.

We have completed the Grow Apopka 2025 Vision Plan, which solicited the opinions of Apopka residents and laid the foundation for future projects such as the Station Street District, the 6th Street Promenade and the Lake Apopka Restoration Center, or LARC.

We have established a summer youth employment program called Apopka Youth Works. This summer, our nationally recognized program will provide summer jobs for 100 young people from low- and moderate-income families.

We have launched a new, attractive city website.

We have more than tripled the City's audience on social media platforms, allowing us to communicate with residents on a daily basis.

We have established a far more transparent government than Apopka has ever had before. We post the full agenda and city council packet online on the Fridays before a next-Wednesday council meeting.

We have updated and modernized numerous systems within the operation of our municipal government, including an overhaul of our IT system to put it on a modern Microsoft platform.

We are holding more events than ever at the Apopka Amphitheater, including Charlie Daniels tomorrow night, (March 17th).

We can now buy alcohol on Sundays.

That is a good beginning, but we have so much more to do. I am running for re-election because I want to finish the job I started: Setting Apopka up for success.

Apopka has so much potential. The opening of the Wekiva Parkway is only a few years away. Our job now is to shape our community so that we hold on to the small-town atmosphere we love so much, and prepare for the growth we know lies ahead.

With the help and support of Apopka residents, I look forward to carrying out their vision in a second term.


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