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Keep your Employees Engaged with these 6 Tips


If you want your staff to work hard, then you need to keep them engaged. When employees aren’t engaged, they are more likely to be lazy and to delay the completion of important tasks. In addition, staff who aren’t engaged are less likely to feel satisfied with their jobs and will likely leave your company if another offer comes their way.

There are many ways that you can keep your employees engaged, from encouraging creativity to improving internal communication. This article will explain six of the most effective ways of encouraging employee engagement:

Engagement surveys

Engagement surveys are an effective way of keeping your staff engaged and finding out how they feel with regard to their position in your company and daily duties. These surveys allow you to find out what drives engagement among your staff and let you learn what it is that your staff wants from you. If you’re going to distribute engagement surveys, then do it at least once a month. If you issue more surveys than that, you will annoy and potentially overburden your staff. Make sure your surveys are as detailed as possible so that you can get the best possible responses from your staff.

Personal development

Encouraging your staff’s personal development is another effective method of keeping your staff engaged. When your staff feels like they are benefitting and learning from your company, they will stay for longer and will feel more satisfied. This is because they are developing and becoming better at their jobs. The more they develop, the more money they can earn. This allows them to ascend the ladder, in your company or in another company. Ladder ascension is most people’s ultimate goal, so by offering development your staff will engage more and will be more content with their jobs.

Job security

If you want your staff to engage with you more, then offering them job security and psychological safety is important. If your staff doesn’t feel secure in their jobs then they won’t fully engage with you. We are all living through hard times right now, so it may be difficult to offer job security to your staff, but it’s important to try. If you can’t offer total security then be transparent about this at the very least. Transparency is something that your staff will appreciate. Transparency can help your staff to feel more connected to your company.

Recognize and reward

When your staff works hard or consistently completes tasks to a very high standard, then you should recognize and reward them. There are many ways that you can reward your staff, from offering them time off of work to giving them additional vacation time. You could also offer them a salary bonus. Some companies have an employee of the month plaque, which they put up once a month to commend hard-working employees. You could consider doing this. By recognizing staff members for their hard work, all of your staff will begin working harder and engaging more in order to achieve recognition.

Technology and tools

If you want your staff to work harder and engage more, then you should provide your staff with the latest technology and tools. By giving them the latest technology and tools you make their lives easier and make completing tasks easier. This will allow them to engage more and to feel more appreciated. When your staff are stuck using antiquated, outdated technology, they will feel underappreciated and won’t want to engage with your company or their daily tasks. If your staff work from home, then you should get them the latest phones or laptops to work from.

Encourage creativity

Creativity is something that you need to encourage in your staff. When your staff is more open and more creative, they will work harder and will come up with innovative solutions to complex problems. There are literally no disadvantages to having more creative staff. Some of the best ways to encourage creativity include team-building exercises, training seminars, and a suggestion box where your staff can write down their ideas and submit them to their managers for review. If you implement any ideas suggested by your staff, make sure to give them a reward or offer them a promotion.

When you offer your staff rewards for being creative, you incentivize creativity, and staff who aren’t usually creative will come out of the woodwork and share their own ideas. This leads to greater engagement and greater employee satisfaction.

There are myriad benefits to improving employee engagement. One of them is that your staff will work harder and complete tasks to a higher standard. This allows you to earn more money, develop your company internally, and build a better reputation. 


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