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July is the perfect month for a free orthodontic consultation


Hey Guys, it's your friendly neighborhood orthodontist, Dr. Baptiste, and I just wanted to let you guys know that this is the perfect time of year to visit your local tooth straightener.

Kids are out of school and sitting around all day eating your food, or is that just my kids? Regardless, now is a chance to have them seen by an orthodontist and determine if it's the ideal time to set them on the path to that perfect and healthy smile.

Orthodontic consultations are free, and you get a chance to sit down with a professional and get an overview of your child's dental status one-on-one.

You'll learn that it's never too early for an orthodontic consultation but can be too early for braces. If that is the case, the doctor will put you on a free recall schedule to begin treatment at the optimal time.

Sometimes the simple removal of a baby tooth can prevent a much bigger, more expensive problem from arising. Summer is a great time to take advantage of the less busy hours in an orthodontic practice, mornings, and early afternoon, without having the kids miss any school.

Getting summer braces also gives the kids a chance to adjust to them not just physically but also emotionally. For some kids, the adjustment may be seamless; for others, it may be more difficult. Some kids want to get comfortable and confident with their new braces before presenting them to the entire school. Having some time at home to get comfortable with the new braces can be a significant benefit.

On top of that, most broken brackets or wire pokes will happen in the first week of getting the braces placed, when the patient is not quite used to maintenance requirements and eating restrictions.

We also now have options like clear aligners that are an excellent choice for kids going away to college. Once we have completed the digital scan and delivered the first set of aligners, most of the treatment can be done remotely or with much longer intervals between appointments than conventional braces.

Now the problem with summer braces is that many parents wait until the week before school starts to try to get braces, making it difficult for the orthodontist to accommodate them. July is a much better month to begin the process. So, pick up the phone and give your friendly neighborhood orthodontist a call, and we'll see you soon.

To learn more about Baptiste Orthodontics & Dentistry for Kids, visit our two websites: baptisteorthodontics.com and baptistedentistryforkids.com.

And remember: Summer is the best time to visit our offices!

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