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If I Were a Gardener, How Would I Protect my Plants in Winter?


Winter is a season that worries everyone if they have a garden or a vegetable patch. These cold months can be a real test for gardeners who love to grow and tend to their beloved plants. Even on Christmas Eve, it may not be Santa Claus that suddenly appears, but your plants will come again and again to you,  heavy on your mind. If you live in Zone 1, Zone 2, or Zone 3 of the U.S., then you must protect your plants carefully, because they are likely to not survive the colder winter weather.

In order for plants to survive this months-long test, every gardener needs to think about how to protect their "children" from frost, rain and snow, to help ensure that next year they will still grow well.

If I had a big garden

Suppose I had a big garden. I would be sure to sow seeds in early spring so I could enjoy the whole garden with flowers, vegetables, and fruits in summer.

I would anticipate having some trouble in winter, though, because I know my plants can't tolerate the terrible weather. In colder times, the climate can tend to be dry, while my plants need enough humidity just to survive.

So, I start brainstorming solutions. I need to provide them with a warm home. Perhaps I could artificially create the most suitable environment for their growth, such as the right temperature, suitable humidity, and sufficient light! The lightbulb turns on: I need to make a greenhouse! The lightbulb goes out: that's not an easy thing to do, even though I've watched a lot of DIY videos and pictures on Youtube and Ins.

Another idea dawns! I jump on the internet, hoping to find a large greenhouse I can buy instead. And then,  I find it: a Quictent 20' x 10' x 7'Large Greenhouse! At first, I am attracted by the dozens of good reviews.  So many people commented that this greenhouse is great and want to repurchase it. I am thrilled!  I click on the product page to learn more.

The frame of this greenhouse is very strong, with a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame and heavy-duty 2-layer PE cover. In addition to these, Quictent also gives away 10 bases and 20 stakes for stability to increase greenhouse resistance to snow and wind.

A high-quality PE cover can give my plants the best care. The PE cover can prevent ultraviolet rays from harming plants and let 85% of the sun through.

It's a humanized design. There are two doors on both sides of the large greenhouse, a mesh door that prevents animals from entering and eating plants, and a PE cover door for keeping warm. There are ten vents on the entire greenhouse for cross ventilation.

This large greenhouse can satisfy all my needs and is beyond my imagination. It is the ideal greenhouse in my mind, and I smile, knowing I will be able to use it and protect my plants.

If my yard is small

But what if my yard was small. I'm imagining again - what would I do to help my plants?

I don't want to put a lot of materials in a small yard to build a greenhouse, and I am not sure that the greenhouse I would make would be excellent enough. I go again to the internet! Maybe I can find a good quality mini greenhouse online to buy instead. When I browse the official website of Quictent, I see a user who gave a high rating to a mini greenhouse. Voilà ! I read on and find:

The reviewer expressed his love for this product and said that the greenhouse has two easy-access doors. This evaluation attracts my attention to this small greenhouse, and excitedly I read more.

Its structure is very sturdy, which makes me very satisfied. Heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame and high-quality transparent PE cover make the frame incredibly stable. And the PE cover is waterproof and UV resistant. So good!

I read further it is very light and easy to assemble. Which means, I can easily move it, whether I put it on the soil to protect the seedlings or on the grass to protect the potted plants.

As the customer commented, this greenhouse has two large zippered doors, which I can easily roll up with ropes. I am happy once again.

 What if I want to move my plants indoors?

In reality,  the area where I live is very cold in winter and I am used to bringing my roses and tulips inside to keep warm. I've tried creating a warm space for them, buying equipment for ventilation, lighting, humidity, and warmth, but these didn't seem to be enough.

I've discovered that indoors, the growth of plants requires a relatively confined space. And so I went online to find a tent, and found this 4' x 4' x 6.5' Grow Tent from Quictent.

This is really a practical product, and its size is perfect for me - like a big wardrobe. I'm relieved to find that I can use it with confidence because it has passed the SGS certification, is very environmentally-friendly and safe, and will not cause any harm to the plants or me.

I can also hang this small device with the four nylon straps that are included, which is really nice. The zipper is so thick that I can open and close the door easily. And there are hooks on the door, which will bring me a lot of conveniences.

Additionally, there are vents and small windows on the grow tent, so I can observe the growth of plants at any time!

After understanding the specific instructions for this product, I placed an order and wished that this indoor planting tent would come to me right away. 

I'm excited for winter now, knowing I can properly protect my plants with confidence!

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