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How to smoke a CBD Pre-Roll?


CBD joints contain hemp flowers rolled up inside a thin hemp paper. The joint is also made up of a stable material that allows one to smoke without getting their fingers burned. Not only are these readymade rolls affordable and effective, but also super convenient to use. However, the experience of smoking a CBD joint is quite different than smoking a cigarette. The techniques differ and it can take some practice before you get a hang of it.

The following guidelines will help you understand the best way to smoke CBD joints:

1. Find somewhere appropriate to smoke

When you are just starting out with CBD joints, it is best to find a suitable place to smoke them so as to master it quickly. Just make sure that it is not in an area where smoking is illegal, such as in public transport and smoke-free zones. Another reason to avoid smoking CBD in public is the smell it produces, which is quite similar to that of marijuana and might therefore give people the wrong idea.  

2. Use a lighter instead of a match

You can light a CBD pre-roll using match sticks but it is preferable to use a lighter instead. This allows the tip to roast for a few seconds before burning it completely. Never use the fire from your stovetop to light one up as this can be dangerous. 

3. First roast, then Puff 

You will find a small nub of joint paper at the tip of the CBD pre-roll so the burning does not get to the grounded flower immediately. As mentioned previously, it is advisable to let the tip of the joint roast a little for even burning prior to inhaling the smoke from CBD pre-roll. This will ensure that no grounded goodness is left unused and that you are able to enjoy the relaxing hemp to its fullest.

4. Start with Slow Inhaling 

It is important to understand that with the wrong inhaling technique, the beneficial cannabinoids in Secret Nature CBD joints will not be able to reach your lungs fully. Thus, this will waste the cannabinoids and you won’t find the experience to be as relaxing as it is supposed to be.

Hence, in order to absorb the maximum goodness from a CBD pre-roll, start by puffing it slowly at first and then go deep with a big gulp of air to push down the inhaled smoke into your lungs. Also, avoid holding the smoke in as CBD is fast absorbing and the leftover smoke will only do damage to the lungs if you hold it in for longer. 

5. Put CBD joints out Carefully

Once you are done with smoking a CBD joint, make sure that you put it out carefully before throwing it away. Do not leave a partly burning CBD joint anywhere as it can lead to a fire hazard. The safest manner to put it out is by pressing the tip vertically downwards in an ashtray. 


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