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How to Save on Your Healthcare Costs


By Jane Lucas

Healthcare is one of the biggest costs you could have in your budget every year, especially if you have private health insurance. There is nothing worse than the feeling of being unable to pay to be healthy, and that’s why it’s vital that you are able to save money for your health. With higher co-pays, premiums going up and huge deductibles, you can see that medical care is going through the roof.

Everyone is facing steeper costs, from ER visits to dental filling cost lists that are making you want to take your own teeth out at home. The thing is, you can’t allow the costs of healthcare to hurt your health further - not if you can help it. Healthcare should be a right and yet, the people in power have made it a privilege afforded by the wealthy.

Below, we’ve got some tips for helping you to save money on your healthcare costs:

  1. Shop around. Did you know that you can shop around for the treatments and healthcare providers that you use? You don't have to use the ones on a preferred list, not if you can get the care cheaper elsewhere! Get researching to find the healthcare provider that can offer you what you need for the cost that you can afford. [You can even order online from Canadian pharmacies at amazingly low costs: https://www.90daymeds.com/.]
  2. Figure out what’s free. There are healthcare options out there that don't have to cost much, and there’s the Affordable Care Act to back you up, too. It’s important to know what you can get for no cost to you, including things like blood pressure testing and breast feeding support.
  3. Take as many discounts as possible. You should consider looking into stores like Winn-Dixie and Walmart to see whether they offer generic medications at lower prices. This can be less than the insurance copay that you have, which is why it’s always worth asking about!
  4. Look for the combos. Some drugs that are high in price are usually formulated between two other, older drugs. You can look into the drugs that you’ve been offered and choose another option rather than pay the higher prices.
  5. Don't forget to ask. If your doctor is offering you a drug, you should think about asking how much it costs. If the price is an obstacle, think about telling your doctor and they might be able to work on this with you and offer you a drug at a lower price.
  6. Don't forget your insurance may not be the cheapest. There are some pharmacies that can flag when the price is too high for certain drugs, so check with yours whether the prices are too high. You can make savings simply by shopping at the right pharmacy.
  7. See whether you need the meds. Some doctors forget to take people off their medicines at the right time, so you end up taking them for longer than is necessary. Ask your doctor how necessary they are and you’ll be able to potentially come off the meds entirely.


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