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How to Keep Your Faith During Difficult Times


Faith & Inspiration

By Jane Lucas

You probably have heard the sentiment that everyone goes through rough times at some point. Even those who look comfortable in life have issues they are dealing with. Difficult times come in many forms, from financial to health, grief and more. And unfortunately, most of them show up without any warning, giving you little to no time to prepare. These times will drive you to your knees, and even put your faith to the test. So, are you facing challenging times right now? Are you struggling to keep your faith in the face of uncertainty? Here are a few ways you can keep your faith going even through the hard times.

Say a little prayer

Sometimes, surrendering is the most challenging thing to do when it comes to praying. You see everything falling apart around you, and you feel you have to keep it all together on your own. You feel your faith dwindling, and it seems easier to rely on your own strength than to pray.

But hard times can help you draw even closer to God through prayers, when you are open and willing to reach out.

Encourage and help others

It may seem impossible to think about encouraging and helping others when you believe you need it the most. But helping others actually helps you in several ways. For example, it allows you to keep things in perspective, take your mind off your issues, and create positivity around you. Plus, it feels good to put smiles on other faces.

If you find yourself in a leadership position, the responsibility weighs even heavier. While it’s been a pretty challenging couple of years for most people financially, maintaining a habit of giving remains essential for any Christian life. As a leader or pastor, make sure you find ways to encourage your congregation to increase church giving tips. Whether in service to others or through financial support, the act of giving to others in need can be uplifting.

Trust the process

Trusting sounds pretty obvious, and yet it is usually the hardest to achieve. It is challenging to trust that things will get better, that there is light at the end of the tunnel - especially when you see no positive results to your efforts. For example, if you’re taking steps to get out of debt, you need to trust that even your tiniest efforts will pay off. Otherwise, there is very little reason to take any steps in the first place. And this leads to the next point.

Take action

Faith needs action! And one effective way to keep your faith going during hard times is to start taking the needed action. For example, if your business is going through challenging times and finds it challenging to keep it afloat, start trying new ways to keep your business running instead of folding your arms and doing nothing. Taking action gives you a reason to hold on to the belief that something will change at some point based on the actions you have taken.

Find practices that ease your mind

The last thing you want to do is continue stressing yourself during hard times, as that achieves nothing. Instead, after taking the necessary actions to remedy the situation, find practices or activities that will bring you some peace of mind. Also, make it a point to keep a positive source of support around you, people that can encourage you and keep you motivated.


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