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How to Keep Your Child Active: 6 Pro Tips


Physical activity is essential for kids in their growing years. It allows them to remain healthy while also developing essential life skills. However, less than 24% of kids aged 6-17 engage in more than an hour of physical activity daily.

To get your child to be more active, consider the following:

1. Limit Screen Time

One of the biggest concerns for most parents is the increase in the screen time of their children. Not only is a high screen time problematic for vision, it can also trigger problems like headaches.

If your kids are spending a lot of time using electronic devices, they won’t be as interested in being physically active which will have an adverse effect on their health. It is recommended to limit the screen time of children aged 2-5 to one hour a day and for those aged 5-15 to two hours a day.

Initially, it can be difficult for you to get them to give up on using devices but once you set a routine and introduce them to outdoor activities, they will be more than happy to give up their devices and engage in more physical activities.

2. Make going out a habit

From a young age, you should make it a point to spend time with your children outdoors. Take them for a stroll in the park or play games outside. The more you take them out of the house, the more they will like it.

As they grow up, being outdoors and engaging in physical activities will become a habit for them. You should make it a point to set some time aside in your daily routine and go out and do some sort of outdoor activity with your kids.

3. Focus on fun

While ensuring that your child remains active is a very serious task for you, you must remember that it will be easier if they are having fun. Forcing your child to engage in activities that they dislike will not help you in developing healthy practices that allow them to be active.

Try to figure out which activities your child enjoys. It can be cycling, swimming or playing a sport. Whatever it is, make sure that you dedicate a major part of your outdoor activity time doing the thing that they love the most.

You can also buy cubby houses online to provide your child with a separate area where they can play with their friends and have plenty of fun while being outdoors.

4. Think about the diet

Good dietary practices are a major part of your child’s overall well-being and play a massive role in ensuring that they are active.

If your kid’s diet is not a good one and they are not receiving all of the nutrients that their body requires, they won't be performing to the best of their abilities and will not have the energy to engage in physical activities.

Formulate a good diet plan and ensure that your child gets a sufficient amount of every essential nutrient on a daily basis. [Consider adding supplements to your kids diet, such as magnesium gummies for kids for their wellbeing.] This will ensure that they are healthy and have the energy to go outdoors and be active.

5. Introduce them to a sport

One of the best ways to get your child physically active and ensure that they have fun while at it will be to introduce them to a sport. There are a lot of outdoor sports to choose from so you can get them to try their hands at a number of different ones to figure out which one they love the most.

Once they set their mind on playing a particular game, you can enlist them for professional coaching classes or play with them yourself.

6. Give kids chores

Getting your child to help around the house once they are about 5 years old is an excellent way to get them to be more active.

Simple tasks like cleaning, making beds and taking out the garbage will inculcate good habits in them while also making them more active.

Over time, these chores will become a part of their daily routine. Moreover, you will also be able to teach them valuable life skills from a very young age.

Being physically active is very important for all children. With the help of the tips above, you will be able to get your child to become more active and ensure they have fun at the same time.

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