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How to Help Your Child with Homework


Is your child struggling to get homework done? As a parent, this can be one of the most frustrating parts of your child's education. However, homework is an inevitable part of your child's school life and it's something that must be done. 

Homework is important because it helps to reinforce what your child is learning. If you've been struggling to assist your child with homework, here are some tips that you can use to make things a lot easier.

Create the right environment

A great way to start getting a child to feel more confident about doing their homework is to have a space that is designated for doing homework. A comfortable space where they can relax in and get started with homework is extremely beneficial, as this can help to relax and get them in the right mindset. 

When they have a comfortable space you might find that it is easier to get them to sit down and start working.

Discuss the homework

Spend some time talking with your child about the work that they have to do. Make them aware that you are available to not only discuss the homework but to assist them as well. When you show this level of interest they will be more apt to reciprocate it as well. 

You may find that over time you have less trouble getting them to do their homework on their own. However, they will automatically know to call for your help whenever they encounter difficulty.

Acknowledge their hard work

It is important that in addition to helping your child and creating a great space for them to do their homework, you also acknowledge their efforts. Acknowledging their efforts verbally will make them know they are doing a good job. 

This is almost always a great motivator for them to continue on the same path. You can give tangible rewards as well if you like, as this works as well.

Develop a routine

It is important that you have your child develop a routine for doing their homework. Most children benefit from structure and having a set period for homework every night instead of just randomly doing homework can help.

Discuss an appropriate time with your child for tackling home. This is worth the effort. 

You can get your child used to do their homework during our particular period of time during the evening. This type of routine adds to your child's productivity.

Know your child's work style

You need to understand your child's work style. Your child may benefit from having friends or family assist with their homework and studies, while another may find this intrusive and prefer to study on their own.

Some may want to have music playing in the background as they work. These are all things you need to consider as they will help your child finish homework in a more timely fashion. 

Once they are extremely comfortable productivity will follow.

Do homework in programs

There are several programs available where children can do their homework with others after school

Consider getting your child to do their homework in groups at the library or at a homework club. Enroll them in an aftercare program as well, it is likely that they will have homework assistance services available.

Go beyond books

You should go beyond the books when you are doing homework. Many times the answer may not be readily available or they may not be explained in a simplified manner in a textbook. Use Google or another search engine to break things down and simplify them for your child.

This is a tool that is right at your fingertips and easy to use. You can also use educational videos such as this landforms for kids video to help keep things informative and interesting. 

Get on the road to success

Getting on the road to success may not be easy but it can be done. Taking the time to work through any difficulties your child may be having with homework and consistently being there to assist you will make a world of difference.

Make sure that you provide a good environment for them to thrive in and work comfortably. Bear in mind their learning style and get help for them or allow them to go solo if necessary.

Always have rewards ready to give them but don't overdo it. You want your child to learn to do homework from their own personal motivation, not just because you are giving them something in return for doing it. As your child begins to adhere to a schedule they will begin to do their homework on autopilot with very little push from you.

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