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How Life Changed When the Internet was Born


By Sally Jones

The internet's origins are rooted in the USA (the 1950s) just when the Cold War was at its height and tensions arose between the USSR and the USA. Each one of these superpowers had the capability of nuclear weapons leading to people living in some fear of possible long-range attacks.

This led to the US realizing that it needed a communications system that could not be affected by a Russian nuclear attack.

At that time computers were very expensive as well as being extremely large. They were only used by university staff and military scientists - an example of one of these is the Elliott/Nrdc 401 Computer which was one of the first electronic computers that span 4 meters (13 feet) in length and weighed well over a ton.

Powerful, yet limited in number, researchers became increasingly frustrated when they had to travel long distances to access this technology. To solve this problem they began to time-share, which in effect meant that users could simultaneously access a mainframe computer through a series of terminals. This was a great improvement over only being being able to individually access the computers, making use of a fraction of the computer's actual power.

All of these difficulties led to many engineers, scientists and organizations researching the possibility of a large-scale computer network, easily available and more open.

When Computers Began to Talk to Each Other

It was in 1965 that Lawrence Roberts made two separate computers situated in different locations ‘talk’ to each other for the very first time. Using a telephone line coupled with a modem that transferred digital data using 'packets', it took some time for the attempts to link two computers to become successful, and the rest is history.

Fast Forward to 2021

Today, the world-wide web is easily accessible, so much so that we have come to rely on the internet for many purposes. We work remotely, shop for goods and services, as well as sourcing the internet for our entertainment; in fact, it is pretty unimaginable to think what our lives would be without the internet.

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Mobile gaming has proven to be so popular that reports tell us that most players prefer to use their mobile devices to access their games rather than waiting to get home to the computer to play. This has resulted in games being optimized for hand-held devices and games being developed to play over all platforms.

The internet has provided us with numerous opportunities, and who knows where technology will take us in the future. For now, living in a mobile world suits us just fine.

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