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State Department expands passport agencies across the U.S.

New agency in Orlando opening and details on how to apply in Apopka


More Americans can travel abroad today than at any time in our history.  In 1990, only five percent of Americans had a passport.  Today, that number is 48 percent.  In Fiscal Year 2023, the Department of State issued over 24 million passport books and cards – more than ever before.  To better serve the growing number of Americans seeking U.S. passports, the Department is taking steps to establish six new passport agencies.  These offices – which will open in Salt Lake City, UT; Kansas City, MO; Orlando, FL; Charlotte, NC; San Antonio, TX; and Cincinnati, OH – reflect our commitment to providing prompt customer services to more Americans closer to where they live.

The six additional facilities will expand our passport network to 35 passport agencies and centers and over 7,400 public passport acceptance facilities nationwide.  As our existing network of agencies does every day, these new passport agencies will provide service to travelers with urgent travel needs.  Travelers who do not require urgent passport services can apply at one of our 7,400 passport acceptance facilities, which include post offices and other local government facilities.  More than 99 percent of Americans already live within 25 miles of an acceptance facility.

While we undertake steps to establish these new agencies, we are issuing more passports than ever before while maintaining our passport processing times at our pre-pandemic levels.  We thank Congress for its partnership and support, and we look forward to working with our congressional partners and other stakeholders to open these new facilities.

The Department of State encourages U.S. citizens to apply for or renew their passports before they book travel.  Visit travel.state.gov/passport to plan your travel with the latest passport and travel guidance.

To obtain a passport in Apopka:

The Apopka office is in the Orange County Apopka Service Building -  1111 Rock Springs Road, Apopka, FL 32712 

Important Tips: 

When applying, you must bring the following items: proof of citizenship, which includes a certified copy of your birth certificate or certificate of naturalization; proof of identity, which includes a valid driver’s license or state identification card.

Two forms of payment are required:

The Clerk’s fee plus any photo or copying fees can be paid by cash, cashier’s check, money order, or major credit card.  The Department of State’s fee can be paid by personal check, cashier’s check, or money order only.   

Processing Times:

Routine: 8-11 weeks

Expedited: 5-7 weeks

Go to www.myorangeclerk.com/passports for more details about locations, fees, and required documents.

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  • Nodcenter

    In 1990 we didn't have to have a passport to travel to Canada. Are more people traveling abroad, or do more places require a passport now?

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