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Energizing Ourselves in Pursuit of Post-Covid Normality


By Jane Lucas

As more people get vaccinated and the world slowly begins to open up again, it’s important to note that while a return to normal might not be here, it is on the horizon, visible for many to see (fingers crossed!). However, it’s also true that the last year has taken quite a lot out of us. You would be forgiven for feeling a little deflated and lethargic, not sure if going back to immediate normality is even enjoyable; although, of course getting back to some form of normal will be worth it. Life is meant to be lived fully! So to get the most out of it, getting back into the flow of living is a must at some point.

Returning to the office and the regular school run, heading back to the gym, taking time to keep up with our responsibilities outside of the house, this is all very fun and enjoyable, but it might take a little bit of adjustment time to think about once again. It’s not hard to see exactly why and how that could be important, but getting to that state of mind may be a little difficult.

For that reason, we wish to give you a few health and fitness tips that will ensure you feel energized in pursuit of post-Covid normality. Let’s get started:

Setting a Regular Bedtime

Setting a regular bedtime is a great idea for obvious reasons, but you’d be surprised just how much it can help you become a morning person again. The lack of a commute in recent months has been a great comfort for many people, but it means that when commutes become an integral part of the week, returning to that new state of normal without the use of ten coffees is something we need to prepare for. And the easiest way to do this is to prepare with consistent bedtimes.

Getting Fit & In-Shape

Being fit and healthy gives us more energy, yet of course, many of us have spent the last year in our home office or sitting down, bouncing off the walls in an emotional sense. Investing in some worthwhile cardio equipment and working out, returning to the gym if you feel safe doing so, or simply re-applying your morning Yoga routine to your schedule can help you feel a little less bleary-eyed each morning. This really will work wonders in helping you adapt to post-Covid normality again, and it can also be considered a fresh start worth appreciating.

Preparing for Daily Nutritional Needs

If you stay fueled with healthy foods and keep yourself hydrated, staying alert and active is much more possible. For that reason, many people plan to meal prep on Sundays to make sure they can adequately conform to their macros each day. This might involve enjoying a grain-based healthy breakfast, eating healthy fats throughout the day, and drinking sugar-free beverages that help replace lost electrolytes (as well as investing in more sustainable caffeine options like matcha tea over coffee). In this respect, we can energize ourselves in the best way.

With this advice, we hope you can continue to energize yourself, even in pursuit of the intensive return to post-Covid normality.


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