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Do You Live With Chronic Daily Migraine Pain? Here Are Simple Steps to Head-Off the Pain


By John Hopkins

While a migraine headache by itself is debilitating, nothing beats the pain of living with chronic daily migraines. This is pain that occurs every day, affecting millions of people whose quest for medication relief is often lengthy and unsatisfactory.

Chronic daily migraines are triggered by abnormal brain activity. There are changes in body chemistry brought on by lack of sleep, stress, caffeine, or the monthly period in women that causes migraine headaches.

Increasingly, an alternative therapy is becoming more appealing. Such include cannabidiol or CBD, a compound from the cannabis plant. Pure Relief CBD oils work to ease the pain and minimize the occurrence of chronic migraine headaches.

What are the symptoms of chronic daily migraine pain?

Migraine headaches are occasioned by throbbing pain that spreads from the side of your head, often causing nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. Chronic daily migraine means that your diagnosis is pain occurring every day for a continuous three months.

For many patients, chronic daily migraine, or CDM pain ,will involve:

  • A Prodrome: This is a physiological warning before the onset of pain that includes a mood change or subtle sensation change. You'll start feeling low, cranky, or high and notice funny smells or tastes. Muscle tension and fatigue are common, while some patients will yawn, constipate or crave food.
  • An Aura: Suddenly your vision becomes disturbed, and you may see blind spots called scotomas. These are asymmetrical shapes or patterns that flash as colorful lights called the aura. Certain sufferers can go blind in one eye, a phenomenon called hemianopsia.
  • Headache Pain: After the nausea of the prodrome and the visual disturbance of the aura, a migraine sufferer becomes sensitive to sound and light. Accompanied by headache pain, the phonophobia and photophobia phase can last from between four and 72 hours.
  • Postdrome: The pain of migraine usually disappears, but not the chronic version. A lingering of symptoms can also include concentration problems, appetite, and tiredness.

Steps to head-off the pain of chronic migraine

You can treat chronic daily migraine pain with the same drugs used in the treatment of regular migraines. These can include medication that targets the symptoms during the prodrome and aura and pain killers that work on headaches.

Underlying causes of migraines can also be investigated and treated. There are also medical devices that interrupt CDMM pain. Still, many drugs have powerful side effects, and none is perfect. What it comes down to for sufferers is how better to manage their CDM pain.

As such, chronic daily migraine pain can ruin your life, as headaches can be powerful enough to have you missing school, work, or social time. CDM pain also results in depression.

To prevent a chronic migraine from becoming a permanent structure of your life, practice self-care by:

1. Managing stress to relieve anxiety triggers

Worry and tension are common CDM triggers. Taking a few minutes out of your day to do something you love will help. Learn controlled breathing, especially when you are in a crisis of anxiety.

Eliminating the source of stress in your life will remove headache triggers. You could also learn techniques for coping with stress, like yoga, or join a support group.

2. Establishing regular balance of sleep hours

Not getting enough sleep can be a trigger for chronic daily migraines. Aim at a restful seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

When working to prevent CDM occurrence, note that too much sleep is as harmful as too little. Find an optimal balance of rest that you can make a habit of. You can also try pure relief CBD oil to help you sleep or discuss other options with a physician.

3. Using Pure Relief CBD for fast aid against CDM

The debilitating and pervasiveness of chronic daily migraine headaches has researched the clinical use of cannabidiol or CBD oil as an effective treatment. You can use Pure Relief CBD for first aid, as it is proven to alleviate pain and minimize the frequency of CDM.

Migraines result from sensory nerves in the brain becoming stimulated by hormones or other agents. Pure Relief acts via powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties in CBD oil. These counteract inflammatory agents, relieving pain, nausea, and other CDM symptoms.

The properties in Pure Relief CBD oil that relieve chronic daily migraine pain include:

  • Analgesic: Potent pain relief properties
  • Antiemetic: Prevents nausea which leads to vomiting
  • Anti-inflammatory: Helps combat agents of sensory interference and pain

4. Practicing relaxation to reduce sensory inflammation

One powerful coping method for dealing with chronic daily migraine pain is to relax. As part of stress management that reduces CDM re-occurrences, practicing relaxation involves a combination of mental, physical, and emotional rest. This can be achieved by exercising, eating well, reducing caffeine, and sleeping restfully.

5. Avoiding harmful habits and exercising

One of the well-known triggers for chronic daily migraines is tobacco smoking. Try your best to quit and avoid places where you can come into contact with secondary smoke. If you are a habitual smoker, drinker, or take excessive caffeine, seek help while using CBD from Pure Relief to head off CDM pain.

Why use Pure Relief CBD oil instead of over-the-counter pain medication?

Several over-the-counter medications can be prescribed for chronic daily migraine pain, helping to manage symptoms. However, with prolonged use, many drugs result in liver or heart damage. Usage of strong painkillers is also attached to opiate addiction and must be seriously considered before making it the go-to for CDM relief.

Pure Relief CBD delivers the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil. This alleviates and minimizes chronic daily migraine pain. Cannabidiol has been proven effective against the psycho-nervous symptoms of strong headaches.


Try ‘mindful’ meditation in your bid to relax, eliminating CDM pain and the regularity of attacks. If you are on birth control, switch to another contraceptive as it could be causing migraine headaches.

Maintain a proper diet and try acupuncture therapy as you continue heading off the pain of chronic daily migraines with pure relief CBD oil.


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