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Apopka Elections 2022

Carnesale endorses Becker for mayor

"He has the experience, leadership, and determination to make a difference for Apopka"


The Apopka Voice has learned that retired Apopka Fire Chief Chuck Carnesale is endorsing Commissioner Kyle Becker in his campaign to become the next Mayor of Apopka. Carnesale was the Chief of the AFD from 2016-2018. He served in the department for 37 years.

In his endorsement, Carnesale writes:

"After several months of observing and taking in all the information and campaigning by the mayoral candidates and more specifically, after attending the mayoral debate this past Monday, I’m excited and proud to announce my full, unsolicited endorsement of Kyle Becker for Mayor of the City of Apopka.

I know that he will make a great mayor because he has the leadership, dedication, and vision to get our city moving in the right direction. His platform is simple and straightforward with an emphasis on Economic Development, Foundational Services (including public safety), Leadership, and lastly Beautification of our great city. Kyle Becker can bring people together to get things done, which is critical to being an effective mayor. He has the experience, leadership, and determination to make a difference for Apopka. He is family-oriented, fact-based, and forward-thinking!

Chuck Carnesale was the Apopka Fire Chief from 2016-2018. He served on the AFD for 37 years.
Chuck Carnesale was the Apopka Fire Chief from 2016-2018. He served on the AFD for 37 years.

Most importantly to me and our fire department, I’m supporting Kyle Becker because I know that he cares deeply for all our first responders (police, fire, and EMS), and he will make public safety a top priority if he’s elected Mayor. 

For 37 years, I served the City of Apopka as a dedicated member of the Apopka Fire Department working my way up the ranks to fire chief in my last three years of service before my retirement in 2019. In those three years as fire chief, I often worked side by side with Kyle Becker and other members of the city council to help promote and advocate for firefighter health and safety issues and provided for the expansion and growth of our fire department into areas of the city with less or substandard fire protection by adding two additional fire stations, equipment, and personnel to our rapidly growing city. Kyle understood the needs of our public safety agencies and always advocated and supported them. Firefighters understand what sacrifice and dedication to duty really mean. So does Kyle Becker.

Kyle Becker understands how a large organization, like the Apopka Fire Department, functions. He understands the proper staffing levels of fire apparatus which is most critical for the continued safety of our firefighters and citizens in a city our size.  His background as a leader in business and government makes him uniquely qualified to lead our city as the next Mayor of Apopka.

Kyle Becker is endorsed by not only the Apopka Professional Firefighters Association but also the Orlando Professional Firefighters Association, which works hand in hand with our Apopka firefighters. I am proud to continue to support not only our amazing fire department and its personnel but also Kyle Becker for Mayor of Apopka and I would respectfully ask of you to do so as well on March 8th."

Becker was honored to receive Carnesale's endorsement.

"I have so much respect for former Chief Chuck Carnesale, and what he did to advance the Apopka fire and rescue service over his decades-long career," said Becker. "He is loved by so many in our community. I was honored to be sitting in Chief’s office when he had his last call, and I am honored to receive his endorsement today."

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