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Best Home Gym Equipment


By Brendan Bass

Most of us don’t want to work out in a huge crowd, and would love to have our own small home gym where we can exercise whenever we like with no other worries. That being said, building a home gym can sound horrifying for some people because of the huge list of equipment and options out there. It's likely though, that they just don't know about the smart, all-in-one home gym options available now.

Your days of waiting in line to use one machine at the public gym are now over! Here’s a list of the best home gym equipment you need for your home gym setup.

Adjustable Dumbbells

We can kiss goodbye our traditional dumbbells and switch to the better adjustable dumbbell option. A set of dumbbells are a necessity in your home gym setup. But you can’t rely on a single pair of dumbbells for the rest of your life; you need to add more weight as you progress. Not everyone has the luxury of the space, though, to keep a whole set of weights for dumbbells. So, with adjustable dumbbells, it’s easier to increase the weights without buying a whole truck of them.

Bench and Squat Rack with a Pull Up Bar

You can complete your whole workout with just a bench and a squat rack with a pull up bar. This gym equipment will target every single muscle and achieve your fitness goals. If you want a very minimal home gym setup, the only equipment you need besides weights is a bench and squat rack. You can get your shoulders, chest, biceps, quads, hamstrings, triceps, back, and every single muscle group with this simple set. So, while you can skip out on other equipment, don't skimp on getting a bench and a squat rack.

Barbells and Weights

We’ve talked about the bench and squat rack being a very important asset in your home gym setup. But that’s obviously not all you can get. To really do it right, it's best to include a barbell and some weights to complete your overall home gym. Buy a straight 20kg barbell and some weights and you’re done with your home gym setup. With the barbell, you can do more targeted exercises for your other muscle groups like shoulders, biceps, triceps and even some parts of your legs. For chest and leg, you would need a bench and squat rack.

So, these are the only things you would need in your home gym setup. If you buy this simple list of equipment, you are basically done and can start counting days to hit your fitness goals.


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