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August grant opportunities are available for District 10 businesses, individuals, non-profits


Grants available for cybersecurity, museums, housing, workforce development, historical records, eviction protection and more

From the Office of Rep. Val Demings

As your Representative in Congress, Val Demings shares the most recent opportunities for federal grants in District 10.

Grants are available to individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and state or local government entities.

Federal funding is extremely competitive and limited in availability. It is Demings' hope that this information will be a helpful resource for you in the grants process.

For more information about getting started and the application process, please visit www.grants.gov, or contact Erin Waldron, Demings' Director of Economic and Community Development, at 202-225-2176.

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Upcoming Grant Opportunities

Cybersecurity Workforce Development and Training Pilot for Underserved Communities – Department of Homeland Security

Award Ceiling: $2,000,000

Application Deadline: August 25, 2021

Description: This cooperative agreement also seeks to leverage the unrealized cybersecurity talent of underserved communities through established or emerging non-traditional technical training providers that create or enhance existing entry-level training and apprenticeship programs. Additionally, to optimize and expand existing cybersecurity training and apprenticeship programs, the development and implementation of a comprehensive cybersecurity pathways retention strategy to address apprenticeship-to-placement engagement, is needed. Expanding apprenticeships helps the Federal government, state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) entities, as well as, traditional employers with their current and future workforce needs.

More Information: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=334707

Eviction Protection Grant Program – Department of Housing and Urban Development

Award Ceiling: $3,000,000

Application Deadline: September 8, 2021

Description: The overall purpose of the Eviction Protection Grant Program is to support experienced legal service providers, not limited to legal service corporations, in providing legal assistance at no cost to low-income tenants at risk of or subject to eviction. HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research is making available grant funds to non-profit or governmental entities to provide services in areas with high rates of evictions or prospective evictions, including rural areas. This grant program plays an integral role in helping individuals and families, including people of color who are disproportionately represented among those evicted, people with limited English proficiency and people with disabilities, avoid eviction or minimize the disruption and damage caused by the eviction process.

More Information: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=334849

Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program – Institute of Museum and Library Services

Award Ceiling: $1,000,000

Application Deadline: September 24, 2021

Description: The Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program (LB21) supports the development of a diverse workforce of librarians and archivists in order to meet the information needs of their communities by enhancing the training and professional development of library and archives professionals; developing faculty and information leaders; and recruiting, educating, and retaining the next generation of library and archives professionals.

More Information: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=334499

Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants – National Endowment for the Humanities

Award Ceiling: $750,000

Application Deadline: September 28, 2021

Description: The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Office of Challenge Grants is accepting applications for the Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants program. Capital Projects support the design, purchase, construction, restoration, or renovation of facilities for humanities activities. Digital Infrastructure projects support the maintenance, modernization, and sustainability of existing digital scholarly projects and platforms. For both Capital Projects and Digital Infrastructure, expenditures must be shown to bring long-term benefits to the institution and to the humanities more broadly.

More Information: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=331876

Access to Historical Records – National Archives and Records Administration

Award Ceiling: $150,000

Application Deadline: October 6, 2021

Description: The National Historical Public Records Commission seeks projects that will significantly improve online public discovery and use of historical records collections. The Commission encourages projects centered on collections of America’s early legal records, such as the records of colonial, territorial, county, and early statehood and tribal proceedings that document the evolution of the nation’s legal history. Additionally, the Commission is especially interested in projects to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. We encourage applications that use collections to examine the ideals behind the founding of the United States and the continual interpretation and debate over those ideals over the past 250 years. We welcome projects that engage the public, expand civic education, and promote understanding of the nation’s history, democracy, and culture from the founding era to the present day.

More Information: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=333700

Recently Awarded in District 10

Airport Taxiway and Lighting Rehabilitation Funding – Department of Transportation

Recipient: Orlando International Airport

Award: $8,385,160

Description: This grant funding rehabilitates the existing Taxiway E lighting system to extend its useful life and enhance safe airfield operations during low visibility conditions and rehabilitates 1,200 feet of the existing Taxiway E to maintain the structural integrity of the pavement and to minimize foreign object debris. This grant funding also rehabilitates the existing Taxiway F lighting system to extend its useful life and enhance safe airfield operations during low visibility conditions and rehabilitates 4,000 feet of the existing Taxiway F to maintain the structural integrity of the pavement and to minimize foreign object debris. $2,096,290 of this funding comes from COVID-19 Relief Funding.

FEMA COVID-19 Funding – Department of Homeland Security

Recipient: Florida Division of Emergency Management

Award: $618,681,938.56

Description: This award provides $618,681,938.56 in federal funding to the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) for Emergency Protective Measures as a result of FEMA-DR-4486-FL (COVID-19 Pandemic). This funding is authorized under Section 403 of the Robert T. Stafford Act.

Comprehensive High-Impact HIV Prevention Programs for Community Based Organizations – Centers for Disease Control

Recipient: Orange Blossom Family Health

Award: $441,625

Description: The purpose of this program is to implement comprehensive HIV prevention programs to reduce morbidity, mortality, and related health disparities in accordance with the Ending the HIV Epidemic Initiative: A Plan for America and CDC’s High-Impact HIV Prevention approach. This NOFO focuses on addressing the national HIV epidemic by reducing new infections, increasing access to care, and promoting health equity. The aforementioned will be achieved by enhancing community-based organizations’ capacities to increase HIV testing and referrals to Partner Services, link person with HIV to HIV medical care and ART, provide or refer prevention and essential support services, including SSPs, for persons with HIV and persons at risk for acquiring HIV, and increase program monitoring and accountability.

Health Center Cluster Grants – Department of Health and Human Services

Recipient: Community Coordinated Care for Children, Inc

Award: $8,379,476

Description: This grant awards funds for community-based and patient-directed organizations that deliver comprehensive, culturally competent, high-quality primary health care services. Health centers also often integrate access to pharmacy, mental health, substance use disorder, and oral health services in areas where economic, geographic, or cultural barriers limit access to affordable health care services. Health centers deliver care to the Nation’s most vulnerable individuals and families, including people experiencing homelessness, agricultural workers, residents of public housing, and the Nation’s veterans.


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