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Are you a real man?


There are real mountains. And, as there are real mountains, there are real men. 

Real mountains are made by what is going on underneath them, by the turbulence and chaos, the shifting of the earth’s tectonic plates and volcanic activity. And so are men made in this same way. Real men are not made by having life easy, or choosing the easy or  smooth path, but by selecting 'the road less traveled', as M. Scott Peck so aptly wrote.

Speaking of real mountains, let me tell you a story.

My story takes place in ‘Anywhere You want It To Be’, a land of great beauty and abundant natural resources.  Yes, it is probably a weird coincidence, but it is very similar to your own country.

In the middle of this country is a mountain, a grand mountain, a splendid mountain, a magnificent mountain that can be seen from far, far, away.

The mountain, for want of a better name (and you probably wont believe this but...) is called, THE MOUNTAIN!  And always in capitals. Even when people speak its name they say, THE MOUNTAIN!  Definitely in capitals. As an example, say you are in your yard and there in the distance you see THE MOUNTAIN!. You wouldn’t point at it and say, "Hey, the mountain is quite mountainous today isn’t it?" You would say, "Hey, THE MOUNTAIN! is quite mountainous today, isn't it!" But back to my story...

Everything about this mountain is big; REAL big!

A lot of people go to THE MOUNTAIN! for hiking trips, picnics, and other fun stuff. But the thing to remember is that, as is the usual case with mountains, it has two sides - an easy side and the hard-to-climb side. And as we know, people invariably go to the easy side. I mean, it is easier that way, and safer, lots safer.

But, on the other side of THE MOUNTAIN! it isn’t easy.  It is rocky, terribly steep, and well, really rocky!  There are deep crevasses that have a tendency to swallow stuff like hiking boots and snow jackets while careless hikers are still wearing them; and, did I mention it is rocky?

Nobody but a very brave man would go on that side of the mountain because it is too... rocky.

But, God put mountains here to be climbed, didn’t He?

And there are real men who are up for it.

Men who are undaunted. Men who accept a challenge.  Men who are never content to go the easy route. Men drawn to a challenge as steel shavings are drawn to a magnet.

Yes, there are men that choose to go the hard route, men who are not content to accept the fate of the common, the mundane, or the frivolous. 

What are those mountains in your life? What are those hard, rocky, challenging places in your life that you know are not for the faint of heart... and yet... you know you're meant to climb? 

Let it be said of us that we are men, real men,  that are not satisfied to accept anything less than the calling that God has placed before us! 

Are you a real man?

A prayer for real men

Father God, please lead us.  Help us to be the men you call us to be.  We need a guide because we, on our own, cannot do it.  Walk with us, and show us the route of eternal glory. Oh Holy one, please keep us from the freezing cold of indifference, and from the avalanches of greed and hate that swallow up so many.  Lord, please send the comforter to warm our hearts that we will always be sensitive to the needs of others.  We men, yes your men, need you Papa. In Jesus’ beautiful and Holy name we ask it, Amen

Charles Towne
Charles Towne

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  • Nhaerter

    Good Morning my dear friend,

    Love the metaphor for our daily obstacles and road blocks. We all have them , don't we? The only thing I believe we are able to control is our perspective. As for me personally....I'm generally pretty hard headed and stubborn. I enjoy a good challenge....so bring on those Mountains! lol

    Love you and please keep writing. We all need your positive inspiration.

    Sunday, November 7, 2021 Report this

  • mtmcfaddenfla

    So good to be able to comment on your articles again. I understand that the new process of requiring a login and p***word was to address hackers. The process to register is well detailed and easy to accomplish.

    After reading this article I thought about those hackers. They are not REAL men for they hide behind fake ids and often stolen credentials. Rather than taking the more difficult road of making a contribution to society they choose to cause havoc. In my mind the only successful thing they have accomplished is being a real coward.

    Keep the articles coming Chuck and CONGRATULATIONS on the publication of your book “Love Cares”. My copy (from Amazon) will be here Tuesday. Can’t wait to read it.

    Sunday, November 7, 2021 Report this

  • JudithHankes

    Well, life's terrain is covered with challenging mountains, perhaps the most challenging are emotional rocky places that prevent a person from finding happiness, physical illness, and the overwhelming challenges of war and poverty. Having faith in a "Source Greater than One's Self" is a lifeline from the Divine. Bless you, Charles.

    Sunday, November 7, 2021 Report this

  • Well, I finally climbed the mountain, traversed the swamp, fought the wild beasts,and jumped through all the hoops and now I am REGISTERED! So I shall begin by making a small disagreement with you, it sounds like you subscribe to papa Hemingway's definition of a real man as an outdoorsmen, Green Berets, Seals, John Wayne, James Bond etc.

    I would submit there are many more "real men" who are actually quite ordinary, who work to support their families, who teach their children and others to live morally upstanding and spiritually inspired lives without performing grand heroic feats of skill or athletic prowess. The hardships and tribulations all face may be overcome by heroic effort but they may also be quietly endured by the strength of faith and the comfort of the Holy Spirit. I submit that a real man may be Daniel Boone or also Mr. Rogers who spent his later years teaching children to be honest, caring,and well mannered. To be forgiving and understanding and never to bully or ridicule.

    As a side note Mr Rogers wore those long sleeve sweaters to cover many tattoos he got while he served as a navy seal! Yes! But because of his faith and the Holy Spirits help he choose to express his manhood in a different manner!

    The road less traveled is from the Robert Frost 1920 poem of the same name that Scott Peck borrowed as a title to his book! I am so very glad that the new-look Apopka Voice still includes articles by the old I look ChazTowne!

    Monday, November 8, 2021 Report this

  • CharlesTowne1

    Dear Nhearter,

    I have every intent to keep on writing! With your encouragement and God's blessing I cant stop! Bless you muchly, Chaz

    Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Report this

  • CharlesTowne1

    Hey MtMcfadden, Thanks for the words of encouragement pal, it is good to be up and running again! Stay healthy and take care of the puppycats, Blessings on you all, Chaz

    Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Report this

  • CharlesTowne1

    Judith Hankes, your comment and observations are spot on my dear, may our loving God bless you and yours so much you can't stand it, Chaz T.

    Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Report this

  • OlderBro

    I'm reflect in your Article, Charles !!! Incredible !!! My life it's been full of dirty roads, rocks and difficulties ... But GOD and Mom mainly helped me to Overcome.

    Thanks GOD Charles We're Back.

    GOD Bless You

    Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Report this

  • CharlesTowne1

    Richard, my friend, your point is well taken! You are so right on all points! It is soo good to be communicating again, Bless you my friend, Chaz

    Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Report this

  • CharlesTowne1

    OLDERBRO, yes my dear friend, we are back! May Papa God bless you and yours, Chaz

    Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Report this

  • wall0924

    I agree that the only real men are those who pray for and receive the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit in their lives daily......Jimmie Waller

    Friday, November 12, 2021 Report this

  • CharlesTowne1

    wall0924, I agree, but I imagine many of us are on the path. Lord, please guide us as we traverse the troubling places in our lives. Bless you my friend, Chaz

    Sunday, November 14, 2021 Report this