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Apopka's biggest headlines of 2021

Part Three: South Apopka, Infrastructure, School Overcrowding


It was an eventful year, and The Apopka Voice was there every step of the way to provide you with the news and analysis you needed on the important issues facing Apopka residents.

In the coming days, we will review the news year that was 2021. Some of the stories were one-day events, while many others were ongoing throughout the year. But instead of simply re-publishing the story, we'll go a little deeper and provide all of the articles related to that issue so that you better understand the impact they had on Apopka, and how they will evolve heading into 2022.

The third part of the series features articles written about South Apopka, the press conference between Rep. Val Demings and Mayor Bryan Nelson about infrastructure, and school overcrowding in Apopka.

We hope you enjoy the look back.

Let South Apopka be your North Star

Last summer, The Apopka Voice published a series of articles entitled "Let South Apopka be your North Star. This is a community trapped in an endless generational cycle of poverty, joblessness, and crime. We called on its leaders to prove it can solve difficult problems, master complex issues, work together (city, chamber, county, state, and federal), form business partnerships, involve the community, roll up your sleeves, and make South Apopka a thriving community comparable to Rock Springs Ridge, or Errol Estate.

Here are some of the articles we published:

Community leaders: It's time to make South Apopka your North Star

Originally published June 27th.

10 ideas to make South Apopka a better place to live, work, and play

Originally published July 5th.

City Commissioners open to workshop on annexing South Apopka

Originally published July 11th.

The time is now to move forward in South Apopka

Originally published July 18th.

With budget in its rearview mirror, City Council should schedule workshop on South Apopka annexation

Originally published September 20th.

The Race to be Mayor: Becker and Nelson weigh the options of annexing South Apopka

Originally published October 27th.

Demings, Nelson work together on Apopka infrastructure

On Tuesday, November 23rd, Democrat Rep. Val Demings of the 10th District, which includes Apopka, and Republican Bryan Nelson, the Mayor of Apopka, stood side-by-side at the Golden Gem Landfill to talk about the bipartisan infrastructure bill and how it will help Apopka. It was a moment in local bi-partisan history that was met with mixed emotions. Here are two articles The Apopka Voice published about that unique moment of partnership.

Demings, Nelson announce potential projects for Apopka funded by federal infrastructure bill

Originally published November 24th.

Demings, Nelson deserve credit for working together on important local infrastructure

Originally published November 28th.

City Council, OCPS takes on school overcrowding in Apopka

Tension brewed more than once in 2021 at the Apopka City Council when commissioners discussed overcapacity in Orange County Public Schools—an issue currently impacting all schools in Apopka—and appropriately developing relief schools. 

Apopka High School
Apopka High School

Apopka City commissioners express frustration at school overcrowding

Originally published July 12th.

Concerns over school overcrowding return to Apopka City Council

Originally published December 16th.


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