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Apopka's biggest headlines of 2021

Part Two: Rock Springs Ridge


It was an eventful year, and The Apopka Voice was there every step of the way to provide you with the news and analysis you needed on the important issues facing Apopka residents.

In the coming days, we will review the news year that was 2021. Some of the stories were one-day events, while many others were ongoing throughout the year. But instead of simply re-publishing the story, we'll go a little deeper and provide all of the articles related to that issue so that you better understand the impact they had on Apopka, and how they will evolve heading into 2022.

The second part of the series is probably the most followed story in Apopka this year: The Rock Springs Ridge Homeowners Association's attempt to purchase its golf course lands from The Golf Group.

We hope you enjoy the look back.

The Rock Springs Ridge saga...

Similiar to a hurricane season, the proposed partnership between the Rock Springs Ridge Homeowners Association and the City of Apopka to buy the RSR golf course lands started on April 28th, effectively ended on November 3rd, and had the occasional volatility of a category five storm. 

It was a story that touched on many elements and nerves. Issues like the role of a homeowners association, the role of a municipal government in assisting a specific neighborhood, and environmental protection headed the list.

Here is just a slice of the coverage The Apopka Voice dedicated to the RSR saga: 

Can Nelson hit the bankshot and free RSR from Dello Russo?

Originally pubished on April 28th

The saga of Rock Springs Ridge moves back to Apopka City Hall

Originally published May 6th

Robert Dello Russo, Rock Springs Ridge GC owner, dies at 70

Originally published June 5th

Death of Dello Russo leaves Rock Springs Ridge GC deal in question

Originally published June 8th

Is the Rock Springs Ridge GC land swap going to survive?

Originally published July 8th

Out of the ashes: Rock Springs Ridge GC deal back on the table according to HOA president

Originally published July 22nd.

The roller coaster ride continues for Rock Springs Ridge residents on golf course purchase

Originally published August 6th.

Rock Springs Ridge and the Tale of Two Towers

Originally published August 22nd.

'Curiouser and Curiouser': Is the Rock Springs Ridge deal plummeting down the gopher tortoise hole?

Originally published September 19th.

A doomed deal is not a good reason to harm gopher tortoises

Originally published September 18th.

City Council grills Rock Springs Ridge attorney on latest proposal to purchase golf course lands

Originally published October 7th.

Proposed buyer of RSR gopher tortoise conservation area: "The contract is expired and the deal is dead"

Originally published October 21st.

Opinion: City Attorney spikes three-way deal, but workshop did not deliver closure

Originally published November 3rd.

Rock Springs Ridge, RSR Homeowners Association, Rock Springs Golf Course, City of Apopka, Gopher Tortoise Conservation Area, Harmon Road


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