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A Few Tips on How to Make Your Holidays in Australia Unforgettable


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Now, on to how to have the best vacation 'down under'!

What holidays in Australia are about: Most popular events 

Inexperienced travelers wonder what holidays are celebrated publicly in Australia. One of them is New Year. Most of the celebration events are conducted outdoors. Visitors to Sydney can enjoy fireworks over the harbor that resemble a light show. There are dance parties with live music concerts. There are other festive events as well. Information about five of them can be found in the table below.



Australia Day

It is a favorite holiday of the country's residents. At this time, locals decorate their homes with flags. An integral part of the events is a simulation of the landing of the first fleet. You can watch the regatta and fireworks from the shore. Leaders of major cities conduct light shows. 

Royal Regatta

The first one was held in 1838. The annual event became the most famous sporting event. At this time, navigation on the Derwent River stops completely. 

Harmony Day

On this day, travelers can feel like real Australians. The holiday is dedicated to the fight against racial discrimination. The symbol is an orange ribbon. Residents of the country go on picnics. 

Canberra Day

Since 2007, the holiday has been held on the second Monday in March. Residents and visitors can participate in a cultural festival. Canberra was specifically founded to be a capital city. It's like a garden city with blooming vegetation. 

Valentine's Day

On this date, there are several festivals with the participation of up to 90% of Australians aged 18 to 24. They share the joy with co-workers and neighbors, friends, and family members.  

The most popular traditions in Australia 

Tourists are interested in popular traditions in Australia that are associated with the country and its inhabitants. For example, the latter have small talk with cab drivers. For this purpose, one must sit in the front seat. Another tradition is to order or make Four'N Twenty meat pie. It is covered with tomato sauce. This treat is as popular as the game of soccer. 

The 12th graders participate in Clean Up Day. They wear ridiculous costumes. There are shenanigans and parades during this time, and high school students also use water pistols. After the school year is over, students go on Schoolies, a traditional vacation at the coast. Adults are recommended to choose a different time for vacations, as hotels may otherwise be overcrowded. Information about the tradition is available at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clean_Up_Australia#:~:text=The%20organization%20has%20sponsored%20a,million%20people%20participate%20each%20year

Choice of unique vacation spots 

For a vacation in Australia to be unforgettable, it is necessary to choose the right holiday destination. It is recommended to plan an itinerary well in advance. When selecting locations, the interests of all members of the family should be taken into account. There are thousands of exotic destinations in Australia, for example, the state of New South Wales. It is famous for its national parks and seaside towns. 

One of the attractions is the Blue Mountains. Walking on the trails on their territory can be considered health-improving. This is due to the content of essential oils in the air. Nature lovers can enjoy eucalyptus trees. Tourists climb the wooded hills from where they view the surrounding area.

Lamington National Park is a place with pristine mountain landscapes. It is described at https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/parks/lamington. Visitors can combine sightseeing with views of

  • amazing bays;
  • rainforests;
  • striking waterfalls. 

For thousands of years, Australian Aborigines used to live in this area. In the twelfth century, they left the area of the forest. The reasons for this are still unknown. Now visitors can see unique birds and wildlife here. 

There is Mount Pikapene, which is located in the national park of the same name. Tourists like this temperate climate zone. The formation of the local flora was influenced by the mild climate. The unique animals that live in the park include

  • wombat;
  • koala;
  • echidna;
  • kangaroo. 

Monga is another national park located 230 kilometers (143 miles) from Sydney. It is suitable for a secluded and peaceful vacation in the heart of nature. Tourists can go hiking, take a relaxing walk in the woods, or have a picnic. There are picturesque hiking trails along the territory. The advantage is the presence of eucalyptus groves with old relict plants. 

Other natural attractions include the rain forests of Tasmania. They stretch along the coast of this state. These places were recognized as a natural heritage 30 years ago. It is home to rare animals. These include the marsupial wolf and the Tasmanian devil. While visiting the rain forests, you can view the dense leaves and lianas. There are lakes of clear water between the trees. The bottom layer is a carpet of soft moss. 

There is also the Freycinet national park. It is located on the Freycinet Peninsula. It is popular for its pink and red granite formations. There are sandy beaches on the territory. 

Whale Beach: How to rest on the coast

Whale Beach is to the north of Sydney.  The distance from the business center is no more than 40 kilometers or 25 miles. This picturesque place is most often chosen by locals. Thanks to the quietness and solitude, the area is suitable for a vacation with the family. The sand spit is located between two rocky headlands. There are the following areas:

  • picnic park with barbecue;
  • tennis courts;
  • children's swimming pool.

There are many cafes with different price ranges on the beach. Luxury swimming pools are built to accommodate tourists. 

Visit a wine company

There is a winery called the Poet`s corner 260 kilometers or 162 miles from Sydney. To visit it, you have to go to Magee. The company was founded on the site of an old winery. It has been in operation since 1989. It produces high-quality wines, which are drunk by locals and visitors. In addition to tasting the wine, you can also visit the winery museum. It displays artifacts from the 19th century and various tools. 

Booking a private villa

Instead of a hotel, it is better to choose a private villa for accommodation. It is suitable for groups of friends or large families. In this case, one of the advantages is privacy. You can cook your own meals without having to spend money in restaurants. 

Another advantage is to rent a villa with additional features, for instance, a private pool. The views from the terrace can be breathtaking. 

Creating a family travel log

To document your adventures, you can create a family travel log. You can use photos and small souvenirs, including fridge magnets, stamps, or postcards. 

Conclusion: Exciting emotions and thrilling experience 

With the right approach, it is possible to get unforgettable experiences from a vacation in Australia. Before your trip, you can study information about holidays and traditions, and get knowledge about the most famous landmarks. Another option for leisure includes slots and other gambling games. 

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