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A Basic Handbook For a Night In With Friends


By Laura Mizrahi

Having a night in with friends is often just as much fun as having a night out, for different reasons. At the end of the day, what constitutes a successful night is often about who you are with, and anything you do together can be made more fun. Having a night in can also be much cheaper and often is less of a hassle, so sometimes this is the preferred option. \

If you are planning on having a night in with friends at some point in the near future and aren’t quite sure how to prepare for it, here are some key things you should do beforehand.

Plan Where Your Night In Will Be

Firstly, you should plan who will host the night in from among your different friends. When thinking about where it should be hosted, consider convenience. Whose house is easiest for people to get to and from? If you are having a few drinks, you should think about how you will get home in advance, to ensure your safety. Another thing to think about is how many friends you will have over and how much space is required for your night in. If there are quite a few of you, going with the biggest house is probably the best option, whereas if there are just a couple of you, then a cozy atmosphere may be preferred.

Play Some Exciting Games

Why not spice up your night a bit and play some fun online games to get the adrenaline pumping? This can be really fun to do in a group setting too and, if you’re really lucky you, may even win a bit of cash as a result. You could do this by alternating taking a turn and rooting each other on while you play. Read more about live Baccarat and find out about the kinds of games you can get involved in!

Get Some Good Food

Having some good food is often a highlight of a great night in and can make the night feel complete. You could either order takeout if you all have something in mind that you would rather eat, or alternatively, you could cook something together and make this a part of the fun. Cooking with friends can be really entertaining and is often a great way to bond with one another through the teamwork process of it. Why not look up some recipes that you can follow in order to create a delicious meal? Alternatively, your food could just consist of a range of different snacks if you have already eaten.

Make a Great Playlist

Having some good music in the background is essential, but being the one in charge of the music can often feel like a lot of pressure. Within the room there may also be a few different music tastes, so it can be hard to know what to play if you are the one at the turntable or monitoring your Spotify. The best option is to make a collaborative playlist between all of you, so that everyone gets a chance to play the music that they like. This will also mean there is a nice range and no one gets bored of the same thing.


Putting a little bit of planning into a night in will really make a difference and will ensure that you all have a great time. It may even tempt you to ditch having nights out in order to save money, especially considering nights in can be just as, if not more, fun! Contrary to some beliefs, a night in definitely does not equal boring.

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