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6 ways to improve your cat's diet


Almost 58% of cats in the US are obese. A similar percentage face other related dietary issues. The primary cause for these problems is an improper diet.

A lot of cat owners fail to provide their pets with a good diet which leads to them getting sick or developing chronic conditions.

Maintaining a proper diet for your cat will help you keep them healthy and their lifespan will also increase because of it. Here are some of the best ways in which you can improve your cat’s diet:

1. Choose Canned for Your Cat

Cats are carnivores. Their dietary needs will not be met unless they get good-quality non-vegetarian food. Generally, a lot of cat owners tend to offer their pets dry food.

However, dry pet food tends to be low in animal protein and high in carbohydrates. It's not the best option for your cats.

You should opt for canned foods as they are generally wet and have good nutrition and water content with the right amount of carbohydrates to give your cat energy and help them receive good nutrition.

Canned foods can be a bit costly but you will save that money over time with lesser vet visits and less amounts spent on dietary supplements.

2. Careful with Homemade Foods

Several cat owners like to cook homemade meals for their cats to ensure that they are healthy and hygienic. While this is a completely normal approach, you should consult your cat’s vet before you start giving it homemade food.

Getting packaged cat food online will ensure that it comes loaded with specific nutrients and quantities that are necessary for the growth and health of your pet. When you cook at home, it can be a bit difficult to meet the exact dietary requirements of your cat.

You should talk to a vet and figure out what your cat requires every day. You can find foods that meet the given criteria and cook accordingly. Your vet might also suggest some supplements to go along with a homemade food diet.

3. Keep Your Cat’s Specific Needs in Mind

You will be able to easily find health and dietary tips for cats online. However, you must remember that different cats have different dietary needs.

When it comes to your cat’s diet, you should keep in mind all of your pet’s existing health conditions and past diseases.

This will ensure that the diet you follow does not amplify these health conditions and instead, work on improving them and making your cat healthier.

4. The Frequency of Feeding

It’s not just important to keep track of what you are feeding your kitty but also how much and how many times you are feeding it. Offering your cat more than the required quantity of food, no matter how healthy it is, can lead to problems like obesity.

Giving them food too many times a day can have a similar effect. Offering them lower quantities or reducing the frequency of meals is equally harmful. You have to maintain a balance and give your cat healthy food in the required quantity and frequency.

It is also important to stick to a routine and provide meals at the same time everyday.

5. Avoid Toxic Foods for Cats

Often, you might feel like giving your cat a treat and offering them something to eat right off your plate. However, you must refrain from doing this as a lot of food products that we consume regularly are actually harmful for cats.

Items like onions, garlic, and caffeine can trigger allergies or digestive problems in cats and make your cat fall ill. If, by chance you do give them something harmful for their health, contact your vet immediately.

6. Maintain Cleanliness

It is very important to ensure hygiene. Improper hygiene is a common reason for cats falling ill after eating something. Make sure that you regularly clean the dishes in which your cat eats their meals.

Keep the area where they eat clean to avoid the build-up of ants or other insects that can harm your cats. You must store the cat food in places that are clean and out of your cat’s reach.

These tips will ensure that your cat’s dietary habits improve and you remain healthy.

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