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6 Tips for Florida Residents to Get Outside and Get Some Exercise


You can get your body moving and break a sweat without going to the gym. For outdoor enthusiasts, the options for a good exercise are many and fun. Here are some ideas you can try out with your loved ones.

1. Go swimming

A game of pool volleyball is a fun and competitive activity. In this game, the pool is usually divided with a net. You can assemble your group of friends into two teams to compete. You won't have to run for the ball like in ordinary volleyball. However, some swimming skills will come in handy to help lob the ball back into play. Another benefit of pool volleyball is that you're not going to feel tired as fast.

You can also organize a swimming competition with your friends or family. Have a prize that will be awarded to the first person or several rewards for the three top swimmers to reach the other end of the pool.

2. Go hiking

Hiking allows you to connect with nature. The state of Florida has several beautiful landscapes and hiking trails for beginners and long-distance hikers. You can easily hurt your feet if you don't get a good pair of hiking shoes. Get a sturdy pair of hiking boots and ankle support. While hiking, stay on the hiking trail and avoid hurting plants and other sensitive animals in the forest.

The National Institutes of Health notes that about two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese. Hiking and nature walks will help with achieving a healthy weight. It'll also help you keep your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels in check.

If you've not hiked before, start with short routes. Before getting out, pack some energy-boosting snacks that are non-perishable. Carry your water, sunscreen, and a route map or compass for your navigation.

3. Take yoga outdoors

Yoga is an exercise that challenges the body and mind. Take your yoga exercises outside to break away from the controlled indoor environment. After a yoga exercise, relax on the grass as your body and mind tune to nature.

4. Host your guests outdoors

More than 40% of homeowners used their outdoor space for entertaining in 2017, according to Houzz. Your patio or backyard doesn't have to be large to host people. You can take some fun games outdoors by putting out some side chairs, a coffee table, and a comfortable love seat to create the feeling of a living room outdoors.

5. Go bike riding

Grab your bike and ride around the park or neighborhood. Outdoor biking is a good pastime, improves mental and physical health, and is great for exercise. Biking will work your leg muscles, the hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps.

The activation of your muscles depends on the terrain you choose. The exercise will also work your core, which includes the back, abdominals, and glutes. Your gear, the body position when you're on the bike, and riding speed all contribute to how much your body will benefit from the exercise.

Outdoor biking also gives your cardiovascular health a boost. It reduces cardiovascular risks while improving your overall body fitness. Consider parking away your car and using the bike as your transport mode to enjoy the benefits.

6. Attend an outdoor music event

Going to a music festival or concert will get you to spend more time outdoors. You'll be able to spend the night under the stars in the company of thousands of other festival enthusiasts. A music festival camping experience is ordinarily three to four days.

According to Wilmington, 35% of Americans surveyed responded that they attended live music concerts in 2018. Music festivals and outdoor concerts are generally filled with high energy and a happy atmosphere, likely to rub off on you. It's a good place to let off steam as you sing along to your favorite musician's songs and dance away. This helps you deal with the difficult situations that arise in life.

Make an effort to spend more time outdoors and engage in any activity that gets your heart pumping. Just ensure it doesn't put you in danger. You'll notice an improvement in your physical, mental, emotional, and social health.

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