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5 Ways You Can Prepare for a Backyard Party on a Budget 


Having a party in your backyard can be fun. It's an easy way to reunite with your friends and loved ones. But it can also be a source of stress when you're trying to stick to a budget. However, preparing for a party is definitely still possible when you are on a budget, and there are creative ways to not break the bank in  preparing food, drinks and decorations. This write-up contains five ways you can prepare for your backyard party on a budget.

Ways to Prepare for a Backyard Party on a Budget 

Have your guests bring their drinks

The cost to purchase alcoholic drinks for your guests can knock you off your budget fast. If you want to prepare for a backyard party on a budget, tell your guests to come with their own drinks.  By telling your friends to come along with their favorite wine or alcohol, it will help you save money, thereby helping you hold the event on a budget. Apart from that, when your guests come with their own drink selections, it makes the party more fun. 

In addition, you can also prepare simple non-alcoholic drinks like lemonade and iced tea. You can also save money on drinks by preparing flavored water with berries in a dispenser. Apart from being healthy, flavored water helps save money on bottled water and soft drinks. You will be surprised at how much your guests will love it.

Keep the food menu simple

You can plan a backyard party on a budget by simplifying the food menu. Prepare some snacks yourself to serve to your guests. Make your own dips and chips to save the cost of food, and even consider adding flavored popcorn to the menu.

Additionally, you can also consider making a fruit platter rather than buying them, as pre-prepared platters can be very expensive. Get fruits and veggies that are in season for your fruit platter, which will help keep the costs down. Whatever food you prepare for your party, keep it simple. 

 Keep decor simple

Since you are throwing a backyard party on a budget, you need to keep the decor simple as well. Homeowners can take advantage of plants and flowers in their backyard and use them as natural decor. You can grow plants in decorative pots and use them to decorate your backyard for the party, too. The beautiful plants in colorful containers will enhance the look of your backyard, setting it for a party mood. 

You can also make your backyard beautiful for your party by using balloons. Balloons are cheap and good for those who are on a budget. Use a variety of colored balloons and tie them around a post, or create a string of balloons and tie it across your backyard for a special effect.

Create seating area 

If you aren't planning for a lot of guests, you can use the furniture in your home as a sitting area for them. It will help you save the cost of renting chairs. Bring your indoor furniture outdoors and use it as a creative seating area for your guests. Your guests can enjoy the party from the comfort of your couch, loungers and dining chairs. 

Add lighting

Lighting can make your party lively, especially at night.  If you're holding the party in the evening, you can use candles to light up your backyard for the party. You can even create your light decor by placing tea lights inside mason jars. 

Paper lanterns are also great party decor. You can use these to enhance the beauty of your backyard by decorating several areas with these colorful alternatives. Additionally, you can also use string lights to make your backyard party inviting. String lights are affordable, and it's an easy decor for an outdoor party.

As you can see, there are easy ways you can prepare for a party on a budget. Remember to keep the menu, drinks and decor simple. Apart from that, be sure to use your indoor furniture as a seating area for your guests, and watch the smiles shine at your creativity.


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