Celebrates anniversary with Good as Gold Sweepstakes and partners with Feeding Children Everywhere to give back 100,000 meals

It was the summer of ‘68 in Gainesville, Florida when Sonny Tillman fired up his smoker to open the first Sonny’s BBQ with a mission to spread Southern hospitality through barbecue. 50 years later, this mission is still the same… only this summer, as Sonny’s enters its golden anniversary year, it’s with 24K Gold Ribs served up with goodwill in mind.

Today, Sonny’s BBQ releases its 24K Gold Ribs created by Head Pitmaster Bryan Mroczka as part of Sonny’s Good as Gold sweepstakes. Valued at $1,968, the ribs are sourced from a heritage pig and are marinated for 24 hours, and slow-smoked for three hours and adorned with luxe and nostalgic ingredients, such as 24K edible gold, Harney & Sons’ oolong loose leaf tea for a sweet tea brine, Martinelli’s Gold Medal Apple Juice, along with white truffle oil and salts from Jacobsen Salt Co.

Carefully-selected, local ingredients from states within Sonny’s footprint were also used, such as Bulls Bay Saltworks’ sea salt from South Carolina, Winter Park Honey’s raw Tupelo Honey, truffle butter from Market 2 Table in Winter Garden, Fla. and bee pollen from Gainesville.

“As a pitmaster, I’m always competing on the BBQ competition circuit, and pick up so many ideas along the way,” said Head Pitmaster Bryan Mroczka. “Inspiration for the 24K Gold Ribs came from my desire to integrate homegrown ingredients found in the South mixed with a bit of luxury to celebrate our 50th anniversary.”

Unlike other trending golden foods, this rack of ribs isn’t for sale, and only one will ever be served. Starting today through July 31st, fans can visit SonnysGoodAsGold.com to win a chance to enjoy an exclusive ribs dinner with an all-expense-paid trip to Orlando, Fla., for an experience that includes:

● Flight and a two-night hotel stay for two guests and a gift card

● A one-on-one pitmaster class with Head Pitmaster Bryan Mroczka

● An Orlando experience filled with rides and wonder

Cue the good: To help food-insecure youth during the summer months in the eight states where the brand operates, Sonny’s is teaming up with Feeding Children Everywhere , a 501(c)(3) organization, based in Longwood, Florida, committed to ending childhood hunger globally, to spark good through social media. The nonprofit recently honored Sonny’s BBQ with the Innovative Partnership Award at its 2018 Hunger Hero Awards for its commitment to alleviating hunger through this anniversary celebration.

How to Give: Retweet Sonny’s official Good as Gold Tweet to donate 20 meals. Like the official post to donate 10 meals. Sonny’s has committed to contribute up to 100,000 meals to help feed children during its summer anniversary.

“We are so excited about our partnership with Sonny’s because of the impact we are making together,” said Dave Green, CEO of Feeding Children Everywhere. “Sonny’s attention to detail, such as using Pink Himalayan Salt in the ribs recipe to compliment the same salt we use in our Jambalaya and Pasta meals, is extremely thoughtful and really shows its commitment to weave our brands together for this partnership.”


  1. I thought the 24K ribs was just a name, not actually real 24K gold. Is that safe for eating, for sure? I know it says edible, but could it really be toxic, possibly? Funny, I didn’t worry about that, when I drinking a liquor regularly, with gold it in it, Goldschlager…lol I suppose it could be a toxic metal, if you ingest enough of it, but hey, I’m still here, at least for now….. lol We did enjoy some of the specials that Sonny’s had last month for their 50th anniversary celebration. Wish they would have some more specials this month.

  2. Uh oh….got to disconnect, as the evening lightning and thunder show has already started up, so time to put the laptop away, as that thunder was a loud one!


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