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By Charles Towne

Step 1:  Anyone determined to walk this path should adapt this essential principle: Always insist on having your own way.

Step 2: Always insist on having the last word:  After all, you know that it is your opinion that counts.

Step 3:   Never forget this important fact:  Others are only here to serve you.

Step 4:  Always be sure that you have plenty of idle time.

Step 5:  Always avoid responsibility unless it is to your benefit.

Step 6: Always place blame for mistakes on others; after all, they know that you are never wrong.

Step 7: Truth and honesty are old fashioned and should be avoided at all cost.

Step 8: Never listen to others, after all, you know that their opinion isn’t important.

Step 9: Always harbor a grudge, for as you know, forgiveness is a human weakness!

Step 10: Always be totally self absorbed and get what you can out of life, no matter the cost.

Step 11: If you ever do something for anyone else, always remind them that they owe you.

Step 12: Never listen to others! After all, their opinion doesn’t really count, and they are probably wrong anyway.

Step 13: When wronged don’t hold anything back; if they were really your friend they wouldn’t have offended you to began with.

Step 14: Always use your acquaintances to your advantage; there are plenty more fools out there waiting to serve you.

Step 15:  Do whatever it takes to get your own way, because it is the results that count.

Step 16: Remember, it was your environment that molded you, therefore any weaknesses that you have, you received from your parents. And therefore, you shouldn’t be held responsible.

Step 17: Never forget, life is only as good as others can make it for you.

Step 18: Never forget, the true sign of cleverness lies in what you can get others to do for you.

Step 19: Always shun those that fail to recognize your superiority.

Step 20:  When you can’t blame others for your difficulties, blame God.  After all, He is ultimately at fault.

These steps need not all be adopted all at one time to bring about the desired results.  As you apply them one at a time, you will be surprised how quickly they become habit and control your life.


Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. NH, Thank you dear friend, isn’t it wonderful that the Spirit is anxious to intervene in our behalf? Bless you folks, Chaz

  2. Mike, aint it the truth. The important issue is that there are still a lot of good people out there. You dear folks take care and remember that Papa God loves you very much, cHAZ

  3. Good article!!
    Unfortunately, I actually know some people who seem to live by this list! It’s good to be ever mindful of how easy it is to slip into….as Mike made the comment about today’s society.
    Thanks Chuck, appreciate the article. Keep them coming.

  4. Dear CSG, We have all heard the words, “And let it began with me.” What are we doing to better society? Am I the example I should be? Or, more importantly, the question that I should be asking is, am I the example to the world that God wants me to be? And if not, why not? Thanks so much, Chaz

  5. At last! All in one place, the rules of how to be a politician in todays society but then I fear I am utilizing rule #2!
    Pretty sure I heard of a different set of rules that would work out better!

      • Dear Faith, you, Richard, EdG and the rest of the readers of this post are pretty well all in agreement. There is one great law, Love God, and love your fellow as you love yourself! That works for me! Praise God, Chaz

  6. AHH Richard, it isn’t the breaking of the rues of politics that will kill you, it is getting caught BREAKING said rules that does the deed. If there was ever a double standard in existence it would have to be the rules set by criminals to promulgate their own intention of evil in the name of justice. See, who said I couldn’t think like a CROOKED politician? Dear Lord protect us from the evil that men do, Amen

  7. You left one out. Your list goes from 19 directly to 21. I have a recommendation for number 20. Specifically, “Be first. Do unto others before the do unto you.”

  8. EdG, Isn’t it the truth? It seems like this is the principle that is ruling society in our world today. How do we change the direction we seem to be traveling? it seems there is a prevalent “me first” rule that is controlling all levels of society today, especially seen in the political arena, seemingly leading us to anarchy. God help us, Chaz

  9. The happiest people I have ever known pretty much are the exact opposite of this list! So thankful I had great examples in my life of how to be content and have true joy…which is not a result of stuff or opinions or selfishness…God said it best…do unto others as you would have them do to you!!!

  10. It seems like a List to be enroll from this days. So being normal is accurate to it. But being ‘Anormal’ is acting abnormal : being humble, predicate the GOD’s word, blessing people and being well educated.
    So, let’s keep acting abnormal to avoid the horrible way of selfish and evil world !!!
    GOD Bless You Charlitos …

  11. I agree with Faith, the happiest people I know and have known chose the opposite behaviors. Bitter resentment is the ultimate end to a self-centered life. Those who possess the gift of compassion, perhaps the wisdom of compassion, are truly blessed.


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