Arrowsmith and Becker appointed to Lake Apopka Natural Gas District Board of Directors 

For the past two years, Seat #4 Apopka City Commissioner Kyle Becker and his Seat #4 predecessor Bill Arrowsmith have teamed-up to give scholarships to Apopka and Wekiva High School seniors who show an aptitude for public service.

They call it the Seat 4 Good Scholarship.

Commissioner          Kyle Becker

Now the Seat 4 Good tandem will represent Apopka on the Lake Apopka Natural Gas District.

At the Wednesday City Council meeting, Arrowsmith and Becker were nominated and voted onto the LANGD Board of Directors by separate 5-0 votes.

The Lake Apopka Natural Gas District was established in 1959 to provide natural gas within its defined area of service. The District operates under a commission form of government with the commissioners being appointed by the District’s member municipalities of Apopka, Winter Garden, and Clermont. Five members serve two-year terms which consist of two Apopka residents, two Winter Garden residents, and one Clermont resident. The five-member Board of Directors also votes for its Board President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer among the five members.

Arrowsmith and Becker will take over for Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer, who served as Vice President of the LANGD Board of Directors, and Commissioner Diane Velazquez, who served as a Director.

Commissioner                Bill Arrowsmith

Arrowsmith was not present at the City Council meeting but did confirm to The Apopka Voice that he would accept the nomination. He added this statement:

“It’s quite an honor to serve on the board of this utility. I enjoyed serving in the past as its Vice Chairman. The Lake Apopka Natural Gas District is a great organization.”

Becker was also happy to serve on the LANGD Board of Directors.

“I am very pleased to have been appointed by my fellow Council members as one of our City’s board members to the Lake Apopka Natural Gas District,” he said. “I feel my business and analytical experience, as well as other Board experience will allow me to effectively represent our City’s interests.  I look forward to helping the District fulfill its mission To provide competitive natural gas energy services to all consumers within our market area with a commitment to customer courtesy and care with a high regard for the value of our customers, employees and the communities that we serve.”  Within that mission, my focus will be on the competitive nature of the District, as well as the interest of all of their natural gas consumers, both residential and business equally.”


  1. That is great! Congratulations Mr. Arrowsmith and Commissioner Becker, for you two’s nominations and votes to sit on the board of directors of LANGD! My husband was talking with a propane gas man, and they were just generally talking, and the propane gas guy stated that he had been with the company three years, (a different propane gas company other than LANG) and they are so busy, all the time right now, because of people ordering and getting set up for propane to power their generators, for the upcoming hurricane season. That really surprised me, as I truly don’t know much about that sort of thing, as I just thought that gasoline was the only fuel for the generators, as I have seen the chaos at the service stations with people trying to get gas in multiple containers for the generators during the hurricanes, and in the aftermath, and most of the gas stations were closed because of the power outage, that powers the gas pumps, so I guess this upcoming hurricane season could be a big positive for LANGD.

  2. So happy this is happening. Thank you Commissioner Becker and Mr. Arrowsmith for your continued involvement and support!


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