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Porkie's Original BBQ says goodbye to Apopka
It all started in 2002 when Porkie's Original BBQ owners Steve & Mike traveled all over Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas searching for the perfect BBQ flavor.
Kids missing school: Why it’s happening – and how to stop it
Around 7.5 million to 8 million students are chronically absent each year. That’s a significant number of students who are missing school for various reasons.
AAA: Florida gas prices increase slightly last week
The Florida average price on Memorial Day was $3.41 per gallon. That was the 7th-highest Memorial Day gas price in 20 years, and $1.16 per gallon less than last year's holiday.
Apopka Police Department Arrest Report
 The Apopka Voice publishes a weekly arrest report that includes arrests, crashes, calls for service, and traffic citations. This report is for the week ending May 27th.
Breaking News: Missing Apopka woman found
Ms. Sheppard had gone missing on 5/9/23 after being discharged from Advent Health Apopka. She has now been found per the Apopka Police Department.
Local News
In first quarter of 2023, record numbers of tourists visited Florida
Approximately 34.6 million domestic visitors vacationed in Florida in the first quarter of 2023. About 1.8 million international visitors also traveled to Florida, an increase of 36% from 2022.
Apopka honors the soldier's sacrifice
Memorial Day serves as a time for the nation to remember and pay tribute to all fallen service members, regardless of their era or conflict. It is a day of reflection and remembrance.
In case you missed it: The Apopka news week in review
In case you missed it. The Apopka news week in review includes five articles that shaped the city last week... all in one place, including details on the Southwick Commons development.

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Typically used for funding public services such as schools, law enforcement, and infrastructure improvements, property taxes are the lifeblood of local communities across the United States.
A flagship restaurant under the Apopka City Center banner took another step toward completion...
Brunch Registration - The deadline to Reserve your Brunch is Thursday, May 4th, by 10 AM. Must be registered for Brunch to be eligible to exhibit!

Highs, and lows for Florida's seniors in health rankings report

America's Health Rankings 2023 Senior Report from UnitedHealthcare ranked Florida 25th in health outcomes for people age 65 and older.

Take precautions while enjoying water activities during the summer months

The Department reminds families to be safe when enjoying water activities, especially the week before Memorial Day, which is recognized as Healthy and Safe Swimming Week - May 22nd–28th.

Second Harvest expands health and hunger programming

With Second Harvest’s MTM program's inception, local healthcare providers can now refer eligible patients with chronic kidney disease to the food bank.

The U.S. is undergoing its worst bird flu outbreak ever. Is a poultry vaccine the answer?

Some lawmakers are warming to the idea of a vaccination campaign, long considered a fringe idea due to the cost and potential consequences.

Florida’s fertilizer addiction leads to ban on sales bans, roads that glow

Two of the worst things that survived the session are related to our ongoing water pollution woes. Both are likely to make things a lot worse. Both came as something of a surprise.

What does ending the emergency status of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US mean in practice? 4 questions answered

The COVID-19 public health emergency status in the U.S. expired on May 11th. And on May 5th, the WHO declared an end to the COVID-19 public health emergency of international concern.

Many people are tired of grappling with long COVID – here are some evidence-based ways to counter it

The illness following a bout with COVID-19 may be part of a patient’s response to the infection. But doctors and researchers do not yet know why some patients go on to have persistent symptoms.

The Apopka Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in locating Jay Ruth Sheppard. Ms. Sheppard was last seen on 5/9/23 after being discharged from Advent Health Apopka.
The Orange County Board of County Commissioners recently honored the first group of students who successfully completed the H2O Pipeline Program.
"Fortunately, in 2017, the City of Apopka created a CRA plan. This plan has many aspects and details, which, if followed, would result in a successful rebirth of downtown Apopka."
The recycling quality improvement program is an ongoing program that encourages residents to change their recycling behavior by using four-week periods of tagging.
Former city attorney writes letter about his time in Apopka
In an email response to The Apopka Voice, former City Attorney Joseph Byrd says he felt compelled to write about his experiences after watching a video of an Apopka City Council meeting.
Apopka Police Department Burglary Report: May 14th-20th
The Apopka Voice publishes a weekly burglary report from the Apopka Police Department that includes reported burglaries of businesses, residences, and vehicles. 
In case you missed it: The Apopka news week in review
In case you missed it. The Apopka News Week in Review. Eight articles that shaped the city last week... all in one place, including details on an alleged homicide in Apopka.

New Florida study says recycling can help combat climate change

Pittman: "I’m glad my city still runs a curbside (or alley-side) recycling program. Some Florida cities and counties have canceled theirs."
Today, rhetoric is often associated with one-sided arguments that cater to a particular corner of an echo chamber. Writing something off as “rhetoric” is often a power play.
I’m supremely interested in improving towns, cities, corridors, and neighborhoods. I have reported regularly in columns and on social media about sources that present best practices for growth and improvement.
Rod Olsen is a former HOA President of Rock Springs Ridge and an Apopka resident who often contributes his opinions at the Apopka City Council meetings during the public comments.
My most ambitious clean-up ever was a smashing success this past Sunday. I was motivated by the first-ever Coast-to-Coast bike ride down Beggs Road to Rose Avenue.
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Richest MLB players

Stacker breaks down the richest players in MLB history, using rankings by Celebrity Net Worth, taking into account contracts and non-baseball earnings and investments.

Private workers in these industries had the biggest pay raises over the past year

Private industries have had to work hard to attract staff. Stacker used Bureau of Labor Statistics data to find where pay raises have been highest.

An 'Urgent Need’ For Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research Is Clear: Empowering People Living With Crohn’s Disease And Ulcerative Colitis To Follow The Science

(BPT) - Living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (UC), can be extremely frustrating to people living with the conditions and significantly …

El Servicio Postal celebra el 50 Aniversario de la ley que protege las

(NAPSMI)—El Servicio Postal de EE. UU. con­memorara el 50 aniversario de la ley que protege las Especies en Pelgro de Extincion (ESA, por sus siglas en ingles) con el lanzamiento de una nueva …