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Pillars of a Great Community - Part Two
Hello, Apopka. It's been a couple of weeks since part two of Postcards from America. In that time, we've remained on the left coast, specifically California.
Florida aims to catch up with other states to allow for fentanyl test strips to prevent drug overdoses
One of those harm reduction tools is fentanyl test strips, small pieces of paper that can detect the presence of fentanyl in all different kinds of drugs.
Office of Tenant Services bridges the gap between tenants and landlords
For citizens located within unincorporated Orange County, Tenant Services focuses on outreach and education by providing information related to renting.
Florida Senate committee approves measure to expand telehealth practice
Telehealth is a service that connects consumers in rural areas with health professionals from the comfort and convenience of their homes.
Updating Breaking News: Missing Apopka woman found
Update 6:30 pm - Missing Endangered Person, Hilary Ramos Acosta (25-year-old  Hispanic female), has been found in good condition and safely returned to her home.
Local News
Apopka Police Department Arrest Report
 The Apopka Voice publishes a weekly arrest report that includes arrests, crashes, calls for service, and traffic citations. This report is for the week ending March 18th.
Breaking News: APD looking for missing Apopka woman
The Apopka Police Department is seeking the public’s help in locating Hilary Ramos Acosta, a 25-year-old Hispanic female that was last seen at her residence in Apopka at 9 am..
Eggs Up Grill opens in Apopka
Eggs Up Grill, a rapidly growing breakfast, brunch, and lunch concept, began serving the most important meal of the day at 6 a.m. today in Apopka at 502 S. Hunt Club Blvd.

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The market has certainly slowed over the last several months, and depending our where you live, you could be seeing larger corrections in pricing than in other parts of the country. 
Every year on March 18th, we at Lake Apopka Natural Gas District show appreciation for the hard work and dedication our natural gas utility workers exemplify.
Doxo, the online bill paying site, recently released its 2023 U.S. Bill Pay Market Size & Category Breakout Report that reveals that Americans spend a total of $3.87 trillion annually on household bills.

Florida group works to keep eligible people on Medicaid

Senior advocates are calling attention to Florida's "MEDS AD" program - or Medicaid for people who are older or have disabilities - and those enrolled in what's called Long Term Care.

What the research shows about risks of myocarditis from COVID vaccines versus risks of heart damage from COVID – two pediatric cardiologists explain how to parse the data

What the research shows about risks of myocarditis from COVID vaccines versus risks of heart damage from COVID – two pediatric cardiologists explain how to parse the data.

A Spring Break visit to the dentist?

Spring has officially sprung in central Florida, and it’s a great time to go to the dentist. Wait, what? Yep that’s right. Time to go to the dentist. Let’s talk about it.

Three years of COVID-19 and it's still here

Many people have moved on from COVID, shedding masks and getting rid of social distancing and other measures and mandates. And not everyone is doing vaccines and boosters anymore.

Springing forward into daylight saving time is a step back for health – a neurologist explains the medical evidence, and why this shift is worse than the fall time change

About one-third of Americans say they don’t look forward to these twice-yearly time changes. And nearly two-thirds would like to eliminate them completely.

Apopka Breast Cancer Supply Center: A passionate resource for women at a time of urgency

Whether you just learned of your diagnosis, are in treatment, finishing treatment, or have a friend or family member with breast cancer, breast cancer changes your life and the lives of those around you. 

5 groundbreaking female researchers who mapped the ocean floor, tested atomic theories, vanquished malaria and more

Behind some of the most fascinating scientific discoveries and innovations are women whose names might not be familiar but whose stories are worth knowing.

We are facing challenging times, but I believe we are already making progress in finding solutions to the issues that affect the everyday lives of Floridians. 
The Toll Relief Program runs through December 31, 2023, and is expected to provide at least 1.2 million drivers with average savings of nearly $480 over the course of the year.
The Apopka Voice publishes a weekly burglary report from the Apopka Police Department that includes reported burglaries of businesses, residences, and vehicles. 
The Apopka City Council announced at its March 15th meeting that the third South Apopka Annexation workshop will be March 28th, and will be conducted in a town hall format.
How a destroyed eagle nest led Florida legislators to attack local pollution rules
The bills would forbid any local governments from “adopting laws, regulations, rules, or policies relating to water quality or quantity, pollution control, pollutant discharge prevention or removal, and wetlands.”
Florida Highway Patrol combats rise in street racing, takeover events
A Florida law, enacted in 2022, prohibits street racing. Takeovers, drag racing, donuts, burnouts, wheelies, drifting, and other related activities create unsafe roadways.
Walt Disney World raises $1.5 Million for Make-A-Wish with limited-edition 50th Anniversary license plate 
Since launching our first-ever specialty Walt Disney World Resort license plate design in honor of the 50th Anniversary celebration, it’s been nothing short of magical.

Welcome to the RSR Homeowners Association: Where you're either on the bus or under it

It's 5 pm on a Monday. An unusual time and venue to have a special RSR Homeowners Association Board meeting, but if you watch closely, you will see unusual has become the norm for the RSR HOA Board.
For the second time in less than two weeks, the City canceled a workshop on the Gannon report, a 45-page draft, and a 27-page response critical of the Apopka Fire Department.
Poverty isn’t a number in a bank account. It’s not an area code or even a statistic. I define poverty as not having the financial independence to make critical decisions in one’s daily life.
When I started as managing editor of The Apopka Voice in 2015, I joked with then-publisher Dale Fenwick that out-of-town journalists were like Vikings. They only showed up when there was bad news.
The Apopka Voice has received hundreds of reader comments on our news site and Facebook page. We appreciate and welcome your thoughts, whether you agree with us or not.
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