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Welcome to the RSR Homeowners Association: Where you're either on the bus or under it
It's 5 pm on a Monday. An unusual time and venue to have a special RSR Homeowners Association Board meeting, but if you watch closely, you will see unusual has become the norm for the RSR HOA Board.
South Apopka annexation meeting scheduled for March 28th changed to townhall format
The Apopka City Council announced at its March 15th meeting that the third South Apopka Annexation workshop will be March 28th, and will be conducted in a town hall format.
In case you missed it: The Apopka news week in review
In case you missed it. The Apopka news week in review includes five articles that shaped the city last week... all in one place, including details on the AFD's 2022 Firefighter of the Year.
Road closures at Lake Apopka North Shore begin today
The St. Johns River Water Management District will be conducting maintenance at the Lake Apopka North Shore property beginning March 20th.
The women who stood with Martin Luther King Jr. and sustained a movement for social change
Historian Vicki Crawford was one of the first scholars to focus on women’s roles in the civil rights movement. Her 1993 book, “Trailblazers and Torchbearers,” dives into these stories.
Local News
How to save money on your water bill — Seven easy and inexpensive tips for fixing leaks
That drip of your tap or silent draining of your toilet can be easy enough to overlook, but these seemingly minor leaks trickle away the water supply and cost money.
Florida Highway Patrol combats rise in street racing, takeover events
A Florida law, enacted in 2022, prohibits street racing. Takeovers, drag racing, donuts, burnouts, wheelies, drifting, and other related activities create unsafe roadways.
Apopka's Dream Lake Elementary Jedi Scientists win local STEM competition
Dream Lake Elementary's Jedi Scientists (Braudy German, Claudivel German, Colt Biaggi) will represent Central Florida in the Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering contest.

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The market has certainly slowed over the last several months, and depending our where you live, you could be seeing larger corrections in pricing than in other parts of the country. 
Every year on March 18th, we at Lake Apopka Natural Gas District show appreciation for the hard work and dedication our natural gas utility workers exemplify.
Doxo, the online bill paying site, recently released its 2023 U.S. Bill Pay Market Size & Category Breakout Report that reveals that Americans spend a total of $3.87 trillion annually on household bills.

Florida group works to keep eligible people on Medicaid

Senior advocates are calling attention to Florida's "MEDS AD" program - or Medicaid for people who are older or have disabilities - and those enrolled in what's called Long Term Care.

What the research shows about risks of myocarditis from COVID vaccines versus risks of heart damage from COVID – two pediatric cardiologists explain how to parse the data

What the research shows about risks of myocarditis from COVID vaccines versus risks of heart damage from COVID – two pediatric cardiologists explain how to parse the data.

A Spring Break visit to the dentist?

Spring has officially sprung in central Florida, and it’s a great time to go to the dentist. Wait, what? Yep that’s right. Time to go to the dentist. Let’s talk about it.

Three years of COVID-19 and it's still here

Many people have moved on from COVID, shedding masks and getting rid of social distancing and other measures and mandates. And not everyone is doing vaccines and boosters anymore.

Springing forward into daylight saving time is a step back for health – a neurologist explains the medical evidence, and why this shift is worse than the fall time change

About one-third of Americans say they don’t look forward to these twice-yearly time changes. And nearly two-thirds would like to eliminate them completely.

Apopka Breast Cancer Supply Center: A passionate resource for women at a time of urgency

Whether you just learned of your diagnosis, are in treatment, finishing treatment, or have a friend or family member with breast cancer, breast cancer changes your life and the lives of those around you. 

5 groundbreaking female researchers who mapped the ocean floor, tested atomic theories, vanquished malaria and more

Behind some of the most fascinating scientific discoveries and innovations are women whose names might not be familiar but whose stories are worth knowing.

Since launching our first-ever specialty Walt Disney World Resort license plate design in honor of the 50th Anniversary celebration, it’s been nothing short of magical.
The bill would limit local governments to charging no more than $50 for an individual to register a vacation rental and $100 for a collective vacation rental.
The Apopka Voice publishes a weekly arrest report that includes arrests, crashes, calls for service, and traffic citations. This report is for the week ending March 11th.
The 30 second time limit for residents to give public testimony in the Legislature is becoming common as lawmakers take up highly debated legislation that may impact the lives of Floridians.
In case you missed it: The Apopka news week in review
In case you missed it. The Apopka news week in review includes five articles that shaped the city last week... all in one place, including details on the Rocks Springs Ridge gopher tortoise lands.
Child Support and Family Law: Clerk's Office hosts next free legal forum
Featured topics will include a roles and services overview of the Clerk’s Office and the Department of Revenue, a perspective from a judge, and an interactive question-and-answer panel. 
Demings names Co-Chairs for Tourist Development Tax Citizen Advisory Task Force
As one of the top travel destinations in the world, Orange County is expected to welcome 75 million annual visitors, returning to a pre-pandemic level.

Workshop cancellation puts Apopka Fire Department one step closer to the abyss

For the second time in less than two weeks, the City canceled a workshop on the Gannon report, a 45-page draft, and a 27-page response critical of the Apopka Fire Department.
Poverty isn’t a number in a bank account. It’s not an area code or even a statistic. I define poverty as not having the financial independence to make critical decisions in one’s daily life.
When I started as managing editor of The Apopka Voice in 2015, I joked with then-publisher Dale Fenwick that out-of-town journalists were like Vikings. They only showed up when there was bad news.
The Apopka Voice has received hundreds of reader comments on our news site and Facebook page. We appreciate and welcome your thoughts, whether you agree with us or not.
What happens when a municipal administration that doesn't want to annex a community into its City meets a community that doesn't trust the City it thinks is courting it for annexation?
Bonus Content

10 states that make the most tax revenue from commercial betting

What states make the most revenue from gambling? OLBG compiled data to show the states that collected the most tax revenue in 2021.

Here's what the most popular electric vehicles cost the average driver to own

CoPilot estimated the cost of the most popular electric vehicles from 2021 based on data from its CoPilot Price Pulse tool, Car and Driver, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Celebrate Easter with Family-Friendly Fun

(Family Features) Gathering for Easter means bright decor and flavorful food with those you hold nearest and adding some extra "egg-citement" to the holiday can come easy.

Entertaining on Easter: 5 tips to make holiday hosting simple

(Family Features) Easter signals springtime and provides an opportunity to gather with loved ones to celebrate. From the guest list and menu to the decor and activities for the kiddos, consider these steps to get ready for Easter hosting duties.