The City of Apopka has made sandbags available to City residents and businesses during the day at the Public Services facility located at the corner of South Highland Avenue and East 8th Street.

The entrance to the facility is across the street from 204 South Highland Avenue, Apopka, Fl 32703.

To get there drive south on Highland from Main Street. Go straight at the stop sign at East 8th Street and look for the Sandbags sign.


Alternatively, drive east on East 8th Street from South Park Avenue. Turn right at the stop sign onto South Highland. Look for the Sandbags sign.

A limit of 10 bags with sand will be available per recipient while supplies last.

Bring your own shovel to avoid the line.




  1. They used to tell people to take masking tape and criss- cross their window glass panes in case of flying debris and it would help prevent the glass from shattering everywhere in case of breaks, the tape would hold it all together. My mom and me did that on all the windows back years ago, and that was the hardest mess to get off, and we said after those hurricanes and after the sun had baked the masking tape on in about a week, we were never ever going to do that again, that the windows would just have to shatter everywhere, as it was a nightmare to remove. We saw homes after the hurricanes everywhere months later and their masking tape was still criss-crossed across the windows too. My advice, don’t even think of doing that. The weather people used to tell you to do it!!!!

    • True, plywood also can become more dangerous as a flying projectile. Storm shutters that are steel may work. Always have a backup plan!

  2. Make sure you buy a couple of flashlights, batteries, pet food, manual can opener, loaf bread, canned stuff, snacks, toilet paper, soft drinks, paper towels, and in my husband’s case, cigarettes, beer, and marshmallows, LOL


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