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Diane, your first obligation is to the people that you work for, the citizens of Apopka. Your second is to the employees of Apopka, who also work for the Apopka citizens. I know it's easy to forget about us, especially when it's not election time. As your neighbor, living on the same street that you do, and a citizen of Apopka I am asking you to deal with a problem that both of us, and most of our neighbors and others outside our HOA are dealing with. The lack of reuse water pressure and volume. We should be able to have the same pressure, and volume that we did when I moved in 4 years ago. Why do the people in the older section have plenty, yet those of us in the newer section, that is connected to all the new development not have enough. City employees have consistently lied and said it is because of lack of rain, or other nonsense. Its reuse water, treated sewer water, not potable water that comes from a well. Our pressure, and volume has dropped equal to the new development. You don't have to allow the new development to have reuse if you don't have enough.

And then in a recent news article about a sink hole off Golden Gem we find out that the City of Apopka is selling reuse water to the City of Altamonte Springs. Why are you, the City of Apopka, selling to another municipality what we don't have enough of? Can you or someone be honest with us?

The City and the commissioners first obligation is to the Citizens of Apopka, we should not have to suffer, and pay more so that you can make yourself richer. Come up with a better plan, phase in the new developments' reuse access. Only sell to other municipalities when you have excess. The City of Altamonte ran out of capacity long ago, now they are causing us to run short. Where do we go? Mount Dora? That's is irresponsible management.

From: Velazquez: City should reclaim Chamber building

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