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Interesting opinions from a guy who doesn't actually live in Apopka.

To your points, I agree on the foreclosure policy. That could be tightened up for sure.

The Apopka City Center, it's probably time for an update from Miss Boylan, but not a pressing issue. As you stated, she just finished her first 100 days. That sounds like a lot but it's really not.

South Apopka, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY WILL YOU PLEASE STOP WITH THIS?? Seriously, how many times do we need to study and debate this to arrive at the same conclusion before you get it through your head? THE MAJORITY OF CITIZENS OF SOUTH APOPKA DO NOT WANT TO BE ANNEXED, AND THE MAJORITY OF CITIZENS OF THE CITY DO NOT WANT TO ANNEX SOUTH APOPKA! GET OVER IT!

City Charter, give the council some time, they just got elected. It will come.

DEI, Virtually every successful major corporation that adopted DEI programs and hired managers for this have dropped them. We should follow their lead. DEI programs do not promote a more equitable and just society, they do just the opposite. DEI programs do not reward merit, talent, or dedication, or any other good trait an employer seeks from an employee. In fact it de-values good employees by promoting those that do nothing but bring attention to their particular DEI advantage. Your doctor is a great example. I don't care if my doctor is a one eyed one horned flying purple people eater on his own time. If he's the best doctor, that's who I want caring for me. I do NOT want the DEI version of the same doctor, who only got the job so the hospital could claim they are diverse. Do you? It's nonsensical at it's very core. How about we mandate short people for NBA teams? Disabled people for NFL teams? It's Ludacris, and it defies the simple truths of life. We are all not rock stars, so we shouldn't pretend that we are or ask society to do the same. Madness...

From: City Council: Tie up loose ends before budget season

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