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QuilterBee, Reread Becker's 2nd paragraph of his farewell letter, although read too early, it is a disclaimer. The translation is: I don't want anyone to think this is politically motivated, a personal vendetta, or misguided attempt in important meetings,

but my assertive nature of rhetoric over the remainer of my term, in budget meetings, and other important business meetings, and in other critical meetings....blah, blah, blah,....is I am going to try my darnest to be Mayor Nelson's worst nightmare! I don't have the power to do the things I want, so I am going to cause big chaos on the council, show off, be a total jerk, probably throw out more F-U's, and get myself back into the political spotlight. I have already announced my aggressive assertive nature of rhetoric, so be fore- warned people! So actually what is new here other than his non-re-election announcement? Yawn......

From: Developing Story: Becker will not run for re-election on city commission

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